10 second before a little girl died

A girl falls from 11th floor appartement , she saw …..
I dove off the 11 floor …
 I saw 10th floor a intimate couple now fighting .
 I saw   9th
floor stoic Peter was crying alone .
 I saw   8th
floor Amoy spotted her fiancee was having an affair …
I saw   7th floor Dan dan  are being consumed antidepressive drug .
I saw   6th floor Axin that unemployment is still reading 7 difference newspaper to looking job every day
I saw   5th floor esteemed teacher was secretly trying to wear his wife’s underwear .
I saw   4th floor Rose in fighting again with his boyfriend who wants to split .
I saw   3th floor grandparents in hoping someone who visited every day
I saw Lily in 2th floor review photos of her husband who had lost half years since married .
 Before I dove down , I thought I was the most unlucky person in the world …..
Now I just know , every person there is also a difficult situation that no one else knows .
Once I saw them , Feel very deep .. That in fact my life was not too bad .
Everyone who saw by me earlier , now was watching me .
I think once they see me , can think themselves, indeed thier life is still bearable
Please Love your own life. Before you do something stupid , remember the home, also remember again the people who care , loved you . They will be very sad.
Do you know ?

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