An article on the walls


An article writed on the walls of a Retirement home

My child, When you are Born, you cry and shout. your arms and legs thrashing. Then I hugged you, soothe you, feed milk to you , then you sleep sweetly.

At The days you start growing, every day I fed you a spoonful and spoonful, Soup, porridge, and fruits. I teach you to talk, guide you, learning to walk. Step by step. dawn I started to light a fire to cook, washing shirt, wiping the wet thrift and dirt, drying and brushing every day. Setting up milk, bread, drinks, accompany you to school. I also teach you to wear clothes, buttoning shirt, tie shoelaces, washed your face, wiped snot. Every day is full of excitement, do everything that I can doing for you. 

Therefore, now I’m eating, soiling clothes, when drinking, spilling wet tables and chairs, my movements slow. You must be patient and lenient with me, do not push me. Let me pass the rest of my life slowly. While I could not get the words, or can not remember anymore. Even wanted to say something else, has been forgotten, or I repeat again, that already discussed, my child, you must understand me. When you were little, every day I teach you to sing, over and over again. You also appealed to me, for the story and the story repeats again, until you fall asleep with a smiling face.

My child, Now my hands trembling, legs and arms limp. walk or sitting unstable. You have to hand-held my hand tightly. Sustains me, accompany me. Like the pass childhood, when I accompanied you learn to walk, step by step. 




Source: internet 

author  : unknown 

translate by AK.Chandra


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