AS A MAN ,  DO YOU KNOW?  你知道嗎did-you-know

Property belongs to our children.
– Title and Position is temporary.
– Glory and the award is just the past.
– Only Human health can be own.
– Wealth and status are an asset outside of the body.
– Virtue and morality are invisible assets.
– Health is an invisible asset most valuable.
– Parent’s love for children is infinite.
– Compassion of children for parent are limitations.
– Children are sick, hungry, thirsty, parent anxiousness.
– Parents sick, as long as the kids can come to see, already satisfied.
– Children spend parent’s money, feel informed and logical.
– Parents spend children’s money, not dare or feel uncomfortable.
– Parent’s house is the children’s home as well.
– However, the residence of children, not the parent’s residential. not necessarily
  comfortable for parent.
– Giving and sacrifice for the child should be seen as obligations and happiness.
  do not expect to get reciprocation.
– Giving and sacrifice for children who do not expect for fedback, is a noble.
– Children will also grow up. They will also be a parent.
– Parent’s love and affection are exemplary for offspring.
– Heavily ill ask whom to help? Hoping for help from the kids?
– Chinese proverb says: “a prolonged illness, no devoted son in front of the bed.

  [ chronic pain does not go away, who can hold serve for years ? ]
– Wishing on a mate? she may be helpless to fend for herself.
– Can only rely on money. How much of your money to treat sick ?
– Take a little time to train yourself. It is an activity build an invaluable asset,
  which only takes a little time every day.
– The business world and endless work. Busyness will not go away by itself.
– Money is not everything. But a man should not non-existent money
– Do not view money is so important, more important than health.
– Be master of money. Do not be a slave for money.
– Man Can pass one day, reduced the age of one day.
– Having healthy one day , we have got profit for one day
– A fool always creat [search] disease.
– Ordinary people waiting for diseases arriving
– Smart people maintain good health, protect againts the disease, wise for his life.
– People can send a luxury car to repair shop or car beauty parlor for routine service.
  Able to pay high insurance premiums to keep his finances.
– People can do any exertion For hobby and outside health care.
– But not many people are able to understand that our body organs has continued to support along our lives, into our hard   work, physical exercise.
– But no care appropriate for organ in the body, Precisely just work,work and Work again. At most given food in the form   of namely “vitamin”.

– Already thirsty, just looking for the springs, – Already hungry, just had gone looking for rice,
– Already ill find a doctor, critically ill had to be hospitalized and ICU admission.
  Up here, there are only two options: forced or to be coerced.
– Why regret always comes later?
– Many people, even though he had wealth, but his sense of Crysis is low.
– If our organs can be shout, maybe far before we’ve deaf.
– Contributing property to people who ill will be discharged.
– Endorsing the position for the people will go by fast.
– Only give people health. He can able to secure themselves.
– Then make people enjoy throughout the lifetime.

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