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LET us LEARN CHINESE                 [ FREE ] Every day learn TWO words, then 360 days a year, gotten to know 720 words, if you have memorized 1000 words more, you can read the newspaper. Learning is a process that requires time. so, just relax, the important is not to stop. make learning chinese become fun, not forced, SO not felt at future, you are also able to speak chinese. Well come l... »

Que Sera

QUE SERA When I was a little girl, I asked my mother : “what will I be?  Will I  be pretty?  Will I be rich ? “ Here’s what she said to me :               “Que sera, sera,  what ever will be, will be.     The future’s not ours to see.        Que sera, sera, what ever will be, will be. “ When I was grow up and fell in love, I ask my sweetheart: “what lies ahead, wi... »

The longest picture in the world.

The longest picture in the world.

The longest picture in the world Theme        : Yogyakarta and around   State          :  Indonesia Painter       :  Hari Prakoso  Years         :  from 1999 Panel size  :  @72cm x 290 cm x 42 pcs. Total length : 126 mtr.  Price          :  US$ 500.000.- Contact        : EVERY EMAGE CONTINIUED WITH NEXT OTHER. See more detail… &nb... »

chikung99 show

performances lift up 100kg barbell with penis in the opening ceremony of the Chikung99 branch, west bekasi jakarta Indonesia. 3 march 2013.    Raise the “chi” Swing the 20kg barbell hang on penis hang up 100kg barbell with penis. Pull the Car forward 10m with rope on penis look, full of pasengger car moving…. 10m. »

gong-fu show

Pull Eight cars  with 1 meter long braids                                       source   Pull Eight  weighing 10 tons cars with 1 meter long braids , almost a hundred meters ahead. Have you seen the might of “kung fu” is? 26 August 2009, many people witnessed this miracle. In the morning, Tingting Zhang, [52 years] who mastered the art of kung-fu, s... »

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apple tree,Eternal love in life

apple tree,Eternal love in life


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