Basic condition of human existence is to have five elements. As long as we know the concept of the five elements, and then express it in a clear meaning. then everything will become clear.

1. Fire. symbolizes the heat. Human survival need light and heat. Dark and cold conditions is not the habitable place. The human body is the same, cold body indicates shrinkage and deterioration. Life was no warmth, willingness and enthusiasm for life will decrease. decreased fighting spirit, pessimistic. minder. feeling no future.

2. Metal. Symbolizes gas. Human survival needs air. especially oxygen. Fresh air create a good living environment. Every minute the human body can not be separated from life without oxygen. less oxygen cause the body become limp. Take a deep breath evoke “power”. Air and power is coherent. implimentation of air is mechanical energy.

3. Water. Is a manifestation of mobility. water can carry the food supply and distribution throughout the body. Such tasks expedition transport, water is able to infiltrate the gap and the pores, exchange heat, detoxification and reduce excessive heat. so it can be served as a temperature regulator, fertilizer, moisture, etc. Water shortage means stagnation, even stopping circulation. so water is the medium velocity of the life’s wheel.

4. Wood. Wood refers to growth. Human or animal body, all organisms rely on cell growth, growth, aging, death is characteristic of life. People rely on organic food supplied to the growth of body cells. Can not eat gold, jade, or simply rely  drinking aqua water to sustain life.

5. Earth. Refers to solid material. humans should be the entity. Have bones, legs feet on the ground.

Referring to the above illustration, the five elements is not a secret, a mystery, or a magical thing that could mislead people.

Ignorance of people are easily exploited by people who have a purpose for the benefit of their own, making their arguments justification. or used to be the reason that actually deviate from the truth.

Further in view of the objective that the five elements globally can be categorized as follows:

The element of fire, referring to the heat and expansion.

Metal elements, referring to physical energy and power as well as its extension.

Water element, referring to the mobility and expansion.

Wood elements, refer to the organism life and its expansion.

Earth element, refer to the solid and composite expansion.

Five Elements is a concept. If you think you are weak, need metal, then a person who claims to be “master” advise: Your home should be decorated in many metal objects, you should also wear a lot of metals jewelry, necklaces, and so on. To complement your element.

“Shortage of metal may be necessary to add metal” is a fallacy as that the concept change to be entities. consequently those who are weak coupled with metal (heavy and sharp), whether the presence of metallic objects instead it will increase the risk and burden to the people? thus more likely to invite an injury to his body who basically has less power. This is an example of a joke for people who do not understand the concept.

Each branch of the academic study of metaphysics, were suggested  study of the basic concepts earlier. learn the 5 elements (fire, water, wood, metal and earth) and consider it as an object, only to trap yourself into the world of cartoons. ( World engineering )


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