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Old bankers think of all this, thinking: “Tomorrow at 12 o’clock he will regain freedom. According to the contract, I shall pay him two million rubles, if I pay him, I destroyed, I totally bankrupt … “Fifteen years ago, he almost did not care about the two million rubles, but now he is afraid to ask himself which are much more betwen the cash money or debt? During the long time in the betting market, speculation investment and adventure to old age’s romance still not over. gradually making his career slumped down. A fearless, hopeful, proud of the rich, made him a wealthy banker became a middle class banker, and still have to worry all day the value of money paper fluctuations to be high or low. ” Really a damn bet! Old man muttering, scratching his head with disappointment.

” Why this man did not die? He was forty years old, he even take my last penny, get married, live in comfort, gamble in the market. While what I do, just like a beggar, every day envy of him, repeatedly heard the same sentence as follows :

“My life’s happiness should be accountable to you, ask me to help you now!” No! No! it is too cruel! For rescue bankruptcy and self-esteem, the only way —– is to make this guy dead! “

struck three o’clock, banker listened; family were sound sleep, only the sound of the frozen trees outside the window. He tried not to make noise, he took out a door key from safe deposit box, this door has more than fifteen years never opened. He wore a coat, get out of the house.

In the park dark, cold and rainy. Damp wind that feels sharp, roaring blowing across the park, do not let the trees get quiet. Bankers dodder nervous look in his eyes focused ahead, but could not see the road clearly, can not see the white stone statue, He came close to the building of places of detention established, call the guards twice, no one answered, may be he is hiding because of bad weather. now might sleeping in the kitchen or hiding in flowers greenhouse. [ If I make bold to perform my determination,] he thought, [then the suspect who must first fell on the keeper]

He fumbled in the dark, walk to the stairs and reached the hall entrance to a special room, then fumbled again passed to the connecting streets that are not too long, light a match. There’s no one here. A bed without a mattress and blankets located there, an iron stove in the corner refract black light. Seal attached to the door of the detention room are still intact and neat, His lighter flame is dead. The old man glanced from small window. In the holding room, lit a sad candle. He was sitting beside a table,

Only look his back, hair and arm. On table, two round chair, beside the table, lay a few opened books.

After five minutes passed, prisoners seem not to move at all.  Fifteen years life in prison train him sit still. Banker tapped on the window with a finger, a knock was not answered by any action. Bankers Carefully tear the seal on the door, insert the key into the lock. Rusty keys issued a rustling sound, whirring sound of the door opening. 

Bankers expect a surprise sound came out ! But after three minutes, behind the doors still silent, he decided to get into the room. A person who already looks like not like a normal person, sitting motionless beside the table.

This is nothing more than a skull wrapped with skin. Long curly women hair styles, unkempt beard. His face was pale-colored, bolted to the cheeks, long and narrow backs, thin and skinny arms that are used to sustain long hair, looking at him feel pity and sadness. He’s already started to have white hair, his face looked tired and old, no one really believed he just forty years old. He fell asleep. . . front of the head touching a piece of paper plastered to the table, says a lot of words with the small print.

[Pity! ] Bankers think [he fell asleep, probably dreaming again about two million rubles! I was quite gripped him half dead on the bed, easily disposable smothed by pillow, then the top detective or forensic expert also have trouble finding signs of violence. But let me read first what it’s writing on his paper. Here is what he wrote it. . . .Bankers took the paper from the table and read the following words:

[ At twelve noon tomorrow, I will regain the freedom and rights of the interaction with everyone. But before leaving this room and see the sun, I felt there was something important to tell you, there are some words that I want to emphasize.On the Pure conscience basis, and in front God — he could see me — say, That I despise freedom, life, health, and what is in your book called the happiest thing in the world]

[ Fifteen years ago, I watched and studied the life on earth. Yeah, I did not get to see the world and the man directly, but in your book, I’ve tasted the sweet and fragrant wine grapes, singing songs, being in the woods chasing deer and wild boar, loving woman. . . Your genius poet magically conjure beautiful angel in the sky, like a white cloud, the evening has come to visit me, tells the story of the exotic that makes my head get carried away. In your book, I have to climb a hill at mountain Elbrus and Mont Blanc, from there I see the sun rising in the morning, afternoon sun with golden red light cover sky, the sea and the hills, I saw lightning scraping away the dark sides above my head and blinking, I saw green forests,  fields, rivers, lakes, cities, and heard the alarm, singing and playing the pipe whistle, small angel flew that wings stroked and stroked in front of me to tell a wonderful story of God. . . . In your book, I fall into the endless abyss, making magic, killing people, burning cities, spreading the new religion, he held various territorial. . . . ]

[ Your book gave me wisdom. What other people are created in the history, many people thought that incessant, gathered in my skull,fused into one small blob. I know that I am better than the so-called smart people out there.]

[I also despise your books, despise all earthly happiness and wisdom. Everything absence, lies, it’s like a transparent and deceptive mirage. Please let you proud, intelligent, beautiful and wonderful, but the death devil’s would assume you just like underground rats, removing you from the earth, your offspring, history, awards, genius will die together in the dust, or burned out.]

[ You are mad, you are going in the wrong way. You put the hypocrisy as the real, ugly as beautiful. If there is a moment in the apple trees and orange trees do not produce fruit properly, but suddenly gave birth to frogs and lizards, or the smell of horse sweat out of the rose flower, you will be surprised, I want to tell again what makes you more surprised, when sky changed to earth and earth to heaven. I think I do not need to care more about yourself …

[ To prove my contempt towards the enjoyment of your life, I no longer want your two million rubles, which was in the past is my previously wishful thinking. Thought it was paradise, now I hate them. In order to be able to let go of my rights, then I plan to go from here five hours before the contract  expires. . . ]

After old banker reading this letter, he put the paper back on the table, kiss the head of Prisoner gently, from the detention room he crying went out. In the previous period and any time, even in a major  defeat in the stock market, he never once hated himself. He returned home, lying in bed. But the anxiety and tears, making him unable to sleep.

The next morning, the guards ran down with the pale faces and reported to him, that they saw a man climbing out of the prisoners window, ran into the garden, to the front door, then do not know where he was hiding. Bankers soon went with the waiter into the detention room to investigate the incident, in order to avoid things that are invite gosif and interpretations thought did not have to happen, he finds a paper which its contents associated with criticizing words, taken from the table, back to his house, store and locked into savety-box.


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