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Dusk ( Instrumental )

Dusk                                                                  ... »

Depth courtyard ( instrumental )

Depth courtyard                                                                &... »

Endless Roman ( instrumental )

Endless Roman                                                                                                            Can not f... »

Just like your softness (instrumental)

Exactly like your softness On one day in a month and year Like a piece shattered face Difficult open mouth to say goodbye Let that all passes away This is not an easy thing But we also never cry Let it come with quiet, Let it go by well Till now from year to year I can’t stop longing Miss you, miss the past Hopefully the sea breeze rose again just for the hand of sea waves Exactly like your ... »

Leo Rojas Instrumental


Your eye consentration ( instrumental )

Your eye consentration                                                               ... »

The side of freshwater rivers ( instrumental )

The side of freshwater rivers Tonight the rain again In the heart there is moodiness How many words in my heart Precisely there are no words that can be spoken Already met with you, quietly without talking Not met you make me fully worry Such moonless night as flowers like this was wasted, let me passing with pseudo Oh, the rain scenery of the side freshwater river there are many concerns I rememb... »

Hometown of West Wind ( instrumetal )

Hometown of West Wind If you are a small flower      should also have a hometown If you are a small flower      should also have a grown place Westerly yeah, where are you come from,    should have a starting point westerly Yeah, Whither you goest          thou do not forgotten hometown If... »

Later ( instrumental )

Later                                                                  ... »

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