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A little story of Heritage

遺產小故事 A little story of Heritage »

13 years old girl talking in UN


Angel sigh

Angel sigh – ( after read dont cry ​​)  Author : chan yue sharing post :2009 -08-03 One day, the girl birthday, boy freind at her birthday party gave her a cute Panda doll , in a variety of birthday gifts , this is hardly the gift. Girl has little angry, perhaps majority was anger,she did not expect her boyfriend so stingy , today is her birthday , but also caused so much friends. Last ... »

Motto of “Today”

Motto of “Today”


High level expert …….a madam share her’s earn money way

High level expert ………. How a madam earn money                                                        In manager’s room  of a bank,   a handsome and young manager smiling broadly , warmly welcomed to his customers , a  65 years old fashionable women, please her to sit down. ” madam X , how are you , welcome to our Bank , you definitely s... »

10 second before a little girl died

A girl falls from 11th floor appartement , she saw ….. I dove off the 11 floor …  I saw 10th floor a intimate couple now fighting .  I saw   9th floor stoic Peter was crying alone .  I saw   8th floor Amoy spotted her fiancee was having an affair …  I saw   7th floor Dan dan  are being consumed antidepressive drug .  I saw   6th floor Axin that unemploymen... »

Difficult answer’s problem

Seventeen  Fu gui treasure Fu 福 means lucky, Gui 贵 means Nobility, elegant . There was a farmer , he had three children . Farmer was very diligent , he worked hard all life, every day from morning to evening did not stop and no holiday . But unfortunately all three of his son was lazy . Farmers was old , one day he called his three sons and said : ” My son , you three person, if not try... »

From where we start

August Motto ……                   Where the way are? Sometimes looking at present time, viewing future, driven by feelings of confusion, do not know what to do. in this situation, the following sentence may help you to be settle.   Do not think too much so  forget your step. Do not ask too high so there was never a beginning. Do not dream too far so that no one finis... »

Truth and hypocrite [1]

Truth and hypocrite [1] Reporter: Uncle, if you have ten acres of fields, would you willing or not to donate half their crops to the party? Mr. Farmer: yes, I am willing Reporter: If two villas, willing or not to donate one to the party? Mr. Farmer: yes, I am willing. Reporter: If there are two vehicles? Mr. Farmer: yes, I am willing. Reporter: If you got 1 million yuan lottery? Mr. Farmer: yes, I... »

Little angel which makes chinese people all over the world and internet cry.

She is a beautiful little girl, her name she-yan, she has a pair of black shining eyes, plain and Cheerful. She was an orphan, living in this world for only eight years, the words of the last living in the world is “I’ve ever come, I’m not naughty.””she was hoping to die in the fall, slender body and slim like the withering of a blooming flower, When yellow flowers sc... »

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