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Few frequently asked questions about the science of five elements 1 What is 情” qing ” ? Answer: 情( qing ) refers to the nature of relationship between 5 elements of the heavenly trunk in discrete with  the other elements . Because each element has it’s each different properties , then the heavenly trunk will be among the stem there are indications of differences in level of ... »

The secret book of “Ba-zi” ( page 2 )

Yin(寅) Mao (卯) were: from jia 甲 yi 乙 split heaven and earth again ,  based on jia yi to split yin-yang(陰陽),  then jia was yang, yi was yin. it mean wood active in heaven be  actors of yin-yang. while based on yin(寅) mao (卯) split yin-yang, yin (寅) was yang and mao (卯) was yin. which were actors of wood active on earth. Along as jia-yi and yin-mao split yin-yang, so jia-yi wa... »

The secret book of “Ba-zi” ( page 1 )

 THE CORRECT ANNOTATE OF ZI PING Translate by AK.Chandra.                                          The key to know human fortune most acurate in the world. The genuine explication about book of “zi-ping”. This book have been wrote almost a thousand more years ago. Not easy to get, and not easy to read or understand, even chi... »

YIN-YANG and the cycle of life [4]

The positive side of the human body Both men and women, each also has a yin and yang. Yang is the non-material side while yin is a composition of matter or bodies of flesh with all parts attached to it. This flesh and blood being a body was base on amount material blend together with certain cause-reason, changed according by the rules of 5 elements in shift of space and time. everyone’s lif... »

YIN-YANG COMPATIBLE ENTITY INTUITION– yin-yang world-view pattern [3]

YIN-YANG COMPATIBLE ENTITY INTUITION                   yin-yang world-view pattern [3]  The difference in the shape of the yin-yang compatible Which represents a special identity. Such as the head of the family is yang, family members are yin. Teachers is yang, students are yin. The general public is yin, the leader is yang. All matter and things which was excellent; prominent;( salient ... »

The intuitive of yang world -yin yang worlview [2]

The intuitive of yang-world People who are still alive, as long as his senses intact, will be able to see a variety of picture presentation and “objects”. What can we look together, can produce consensus. As the sun came out, during the day is belong yang . Night, dark belong to Yin. Men was yang, women was yin. However, in the world of yin yang, yin is supposed to have compatible with... »



World view Patterns of yin-yang [1]                             metaphysical World 2 Basically the world view pattern of human determining the final outcome in human cognition to the world. For most people, they can not clearly be aware, that the thinking is really laid out in his own setting of view pattern in the way to recognize the world. materialist perception man’s rational ... »


Establishment of basic requirements of life, requires twice copulation process. . . . . . . . . . The bodies of human pre-born, starting from the sperm [core] met with mother’s ovarian, is the beginning of the yin world.Development of the fetus in utero according to the father’s role of “seed” [yang] with biological factors and processes determines the future physical development o... »


Direct descendant of Yin-Yang and the branch The life cycle of a human being is a yin-yang coherent. That is the world of Yin and Yang. abbreviated as “world”. world where people are still alive and able to perform the activity. Before a person can be born in the world, thanks to sperm (yang) from male parent who serves on the ovary (yin) of  women, the combination of a merger between... »


Growing process of yin and yang Yin Yang is a cycle, for example, morning until night, is one cycle. Tomorrow morning until night, is another cycle again. today and tomorrow’s cycle is a consistent coherent. Person’s life can refer to the day as a yin-yang cycle unit. How long does a person passes a yin–yang [day and night] in the day’s unit, or how much the spring and autu... »

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