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Seventeen  Fu gui treasure
Fu 福 means lucky, Gui 贵 means Nobility, elegant .
There was a farmer , he had three children . Farmer was very diligent , he worked hard all life, every day from morning to evening did not stop and no holiday . But unfortunately all three of his son was lazy . Farmers was old , one day he called his three sons and said : ” My son , you three person, if not try to work hard , how to survive in the future ? If later I was not in the world anymore , however you must also be independent . I worked a lifetime, industrious and frugal , though not rich, but at least I was still able to support you . So far I have collected hefty treasure for you all. My treasure was buried in the yard .

Soon the old farmer died . After his children burying the bodies of their parents , three brothers began digging in the yard , dug from the centre of the yard extends to all corners of the yard , dug from shallow to deep , one day , two days ….. until more than thirty days , almost round within a radius of 1km outside the house’s soil have been dug up uncovered . Still not finding treasure which was said by his father .
Finally old brother said to the younger : ” Never mind , maybe dad saw us lazy , he want to train us to work , learn gardening, now we are tired of working almost a month, the soil covering the fields already loosened  , now is right time for planting rice “

Two brothers also agreed, saying : ” . Yeah, it is, it seems there is no choice anymore , it must be so ” then they grow a lot of rice and grains . Less than one year their crops already harvested  . They sell their products and earn money . Life began to improve again . Shortly afterwards their mother also died .

In the past when parents are still there , they are lazy . Now they just feel the benefits of work , in addition to making them self also feels their life so excited .

The eldest son inherited his father’s character , wise thinking. Second child smart , intelligent . While the youngest child was not ambitious . Prefer the quiet life , but he is responsible enough to do his job ..

One day , There was heavy rain mixed with lightning , heavy rain and wind storm uprooted many trees , on the front house, an old tree uprooted to also lifted its roots , performing a hole appeared on the former land of the tree . Three brothers came to see , it turns out the holes stored treasures their late father said . No wonder that so far has unearthed many field land still not found , Unexpectedly there were under the tree .

From holes in the ground, they find a box, having taken out and opened it , there were seventeen diamonds , light emitting sparkling. it seems that diamonds are rare and expensive . apart from that there is a piece of paper that says a few words .. ” try to read what he said ,” his siblings said .
Eldest son rushed to read : “Children , this is seventeen Fu gui Legacy of ancestral property , my father , that your grandfather , before he died, he advised me seriously , if you do not have power , you do not able to mastered it , this wealth will lost out from your hands . considering that I myself had not holding power , so I buried it in the ground and now I leave it to you guys , hope you can use it to develop the business , and I believe that when you can find this treasure , you are not lazy again . Nonetheless , I still want you to follow my message to share the Seventeen peaces diamond accordance with my judgment , if not , let it continue buried in the ground , until the next generation , the children or grandchildren of you who have the power to master it . ”
Share division : The eldest son gets (1/2) half portion , the second child gets (1/3) one- by- three parts , while the youngest son got (1/9) one- by ninth part . Diamonds should not be tampered with or cut and no

Written by father    year : x x x x moth: xx date.xx
It is a testament , but it also  arithmetic homework that are not easily solved.
Three brothers racked brain, thinking and thinking again, still not found an answer to solving the problem.
This went on for several days , then the eldest brother said : “Gentlemen , this is the will of our fathers , we should not underestimate , during the father was still alive, showed he knew himself he was not able to master it , but he was not greedy sell it and spent for fun. because he realized how much wealth it was , if fall in the hands of people who do not have the power / ability to master it , the wealth will disappear quickly or get away from his grasp , not only that, it may also be a disaster for him self , I think , it’s better while we used to hide the diamonds . ”
“To when we want to hide it  ” asked the younger two.
” I don’t know exactly, but there is one thing I do not understand ” his brother said .
” Well , we hear you , say what it is ” the brothers said .
” Although our father said he was not able to master , but he’s no ordinary man , he is wise and he seems able to predict events after he died , so what message he definitely has meaning ….. ”
” Ah, I know now ! “second brother said , once he
heard his brother  then directly get inspired .
” What ? Quick say! ” Now it’s turns to his brother are urging to get answer.
” I think Dad must think we are stupid . Want us to learn skills ! ” Second son said with spirit .
” Yes , definitely so , I know just rely on farming, working diligently alone is not enough . ”
” because he himself noble , so he wants us to dig the soil in addition to physical training , but also we have to study / school , so he left us difficult PROBLEM to answer . ” said the second son . ”
” We are stupid , no knowledge , so we can not solve the arithmetic problem, as  I do not know how to answer . ” Said his brother .
” If so , I want to go into town for school , I wanted to study mathematics . ” Said the second child .
” You learn math , I went to study the science of trade. ” Said his eldest brother .
” How about you, youngest brother  ? ” ask their brothers .
” You both went to school , who will manage this land ? I stayed here to process while waiting  you home. ” Youngest son said .
” OK , all agree ! . ”
Next day, two brothers set out to go to the city school . A year later , they go back and meet again .
Once assembled , the youngest brother asked : ” how ‘s brothers , have found a solution yet ? ”
” Really a shame , learned a lot of math , formulas , I still do not know how to solve this problem , although it has not found an answer , but I have learned a lot of arithmetic
knowledge, including the financial system that could benefit when we perform. ” Said the second brother .
” At my school , the discipline of economics that I learned there is no such a case , but I ‘ve learned a few ways to overcome the problem . ” Said the eldest brother .
” Tell me, What solutions. ” Said the younger .
” We will invite experts to help us solve this problem . ”
Then he explained the concrete plan . Three brothers agreed .
Next day he spread the words through flyers to all over the country , looking for an expert who can solving math problem , he would promise to pay a high reward to anyone who is able to answer the questions that he gave it . Of course he does not mention what the goods for
A week later , a man came and said that he could help solve this problem . After talking and agree in return . He shows how the way, turns out very easily , according to the quota must be shared and do not damage the goods.
Three brothers shocked after hearing such simple explanation, even a primary school child can do it , but surprisingly no one has thought of even by other mathematicians .
After agree his successful answered , elder brother immediately get a new ideas !
At the time of
costly payment remuneration ceremony handed over to experts who can answer that question , a well-known public figure in the small town was invited to come to be a witness ,
Rewards which paid was significant , almost spent a year income of youngest brother.
But soon after, in the small town they live, three brothers venture build a department store , and want to know ? They barely without use any capital. Because a lot of people know the integrity of the three brother, they willing borrow fund to the store with a very mild conditions , and the commodity is supplied by many other merchants with consignment.
Department store very crowded, As from one person talk and spread to ten and ten to one hundred people spread again by mutiply. In a short time, the whole town is now nearly everyone be thier customers .
A few years later
3 brothers doing trade by diligent , they become the richest men in the small town .
When they want began to opened up the trade store , actually the diamond from his father’s estate was divided in accordance with his father’s will . And they agree each issued two peaces diamonds which be base business capital .
But the eldest brother said: ” Although I got most portion, but the rest beside of two diamonds , I am ready unconditionally to serve as a backup, when in future happen financial turnaround problem in our business.”
” Me too . ” Said the second brother .
Thus , they become one heart , struggling together, business running smooth exceptional . Since early efforts, they actually never sold or pawned one diamond as well . All diamonds are still intact in one place . Three brother mutual trust. they fully understand, Dividing family property  was just done  to honor the message of the parent ‘s will solely.
Mutual understanding between them is far more important than the value of the diamond itself. Therefore , diamond is still intact , but they were able to accumulate wealth much higher economic value than the value of the diamond as a legacy . Now , How much they get or even no part , they already did not care . So diamond is still intacte embedded in the ground.
The success of their business , was not only rely on diligent , knowledgeable , but well integrity. Plus the close brotherhood , So they unify vision and energy into a powerful force until it exceeds high power over to master the 17 fu – gui treasures.
actually there are fu – gui diamond wealth in everyone’s owned heart . because of greed , do not hold promise , lazy and do not care , cause the master power is weak so that the treasure was switch gone.
Three brothers each understand their weaknesses , alone strengths  is not enough to master the ” Fu Gui seventeen treasure . ”
Seventeen treasure Fu – gui is having worth only if these people have the blessing because of service policy. People without the blessing is impossible to have it . Coercion will only bring unexpected disaster .
Problem of divide method of the ” difficult questions ” is really effective and not engineering , this session will be disclosed later . but you need to sign -in ( free ) for reading.
Seventeen  Fu-gui treasures  stories also hinted that :Fu福(lucky) can birth fu富( wealth)and could be a rich.  (Fu
) could not be obtained from begging or pleading with anyone. Fu itself had to be built by yourself. Build ” fu ” ( hok )造福于社会 to the public , just to get a blessing . ( Reflection / feedback from community service to build fu )

by : AK.Chandra

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