Direct methods commonly used can not be used to understand the dynamic world.
For example:
-We don’t know what is someone thinking. Every day how many ideas appear and disappear . Do not know today how temper.
-People can feel the forward movement of the vehicle, can know that the sun rises from the east and sets west side, but we will not feel the movement of the earth’s rotation.
-People can sense temperature changes in the room, but unaware of climate change, environmental change, urbanization, personnel changes and problems.
-People can see humans, animals and other living thing’s activity every day, but was unable to find out more trillions of micro-biological activity, breed and reproduce if at any time it could threaten or affect the survival of the human race.
-People just hear music and noise every day, which is limited to audio frequencies in the spectrum of human hearing ability. will not be able to hear the rhythm of nature.
Large shifts and subtle changes can not be detected by the skin of the body, the mind can not known by tounge. Climate change can not be smelled. No one can hear the vibrations of nature. Micro-organisms can not be seen.
Due to the dynamic world is belong to Yang [positive], which no ” body”. Therefore, dynamic world can not be known. Which can only manifestation through the body or yin. (This is solely due to adjust the capacity of the human sensory organs that humans can know of its existence.)
Yin show stable, slow mobility, and even tend to be silent / static. easily seen, easily recognizable, easy to set up, easy to identify, prevalent, general and real. so the static world more popularly known by people.
While Yang is not stable, fast mobility. could be an instant change, like lightning. so it is not easily seen, is not easily recognizable, held, affirmed, or identified. abstract, unique, and not common. therefore the characteristics that are hidden, but it seem always moving. (Dynamic)
For example: “what people say it can not be hold, it must set forth its promise in black and white on paper.”
-Speech is a character of yang, the letter agreement is to be yin. minds can change at any time, we are not able to read the changes, and can not be confirmed. unless the bond is made in the form of a letter. because the letter is real. So to know the dynamic world, the way is through understanding assisted by a variety of facts and parables, make yang manifestation on the body’s “yin”. But this method is not recognized by science over the years. scientific demand real and facts for basis acedemic. So also in the field of law, people need proof if you want to submit objections, demands etc.. Although in reality the victim or the candidate is correct.
These barriers make agnostic (unknown side of human life) side of the mystery that can never be revealed.
Scientific does not believe the teory about fate, but unfortunately, inadvertently it plays a role as a barrier to scientific research on the mystery of human life itself. resigned that the fate of the world is on the subjective perception of scientific !.

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