Yin-yang time-segmen in a-day

Although in general,  the active period of people’s life is start from morning while sunrise to evening. and rest from evening until next day morning, but the science of Yin-yang which stipulates that starting from 11:00 pm to 11:00 am  is manifest of  yang, after 11:00 AM until 23:00 in night is manifest of yin. This provision is not based on this kind of estimates. but following the actual natural conditions.

In the science of Yin-yang, the time of day is divided into 12 segments. each segment is two hours. so in one day, there are 6 segments belong to yang and 6 segments belong to yin. the beginning of the first cycle yang, the 2nd yang, the 3rd yang. and so on until the 6th yang. which is the highest power of yang. Later changed to Yin, the same was also preceded by first yin, 2nd yin etc. end up in the 6th yin. the peak of the manifestations of yin, after all, the new other cycle then start again with the same divided segmen of period.

12 segmn

Yin-yang in a month and a year

Yin and yang in the segment after accumulating day by day into a month, then half of the first month globally is manifesrtasi yang, the next half month is yin. Also for a year was divided into 12 segments, same with the time of day. there is first yang,  2nd yang …to six yin.etc. Implimentation of  starting first yang in one year is December in national calendar. The second is January of next year, and the third is februari etc..

Yin-yang in the segment jia-zi [60 formations BLCB]

30 years at the beginning of human life is a period of growth. Manifestation this period was yang. While the age of 30 years and above up to 60 years is the period of aging, manifestations of yin. 60 years considered as a general human life period. In 60 years can also be divided into 12 segments, each segment is 5 years.

Yin and yang in the segment a macro Period

One Jia-zi consisting of 60 years call it a “micro period”.

Twelve time jia-zi(60) years, is 12 x 60 = 720 years. 720 years we call it a “medium period”.

Twelve medium period (720 years) x 12 = 8640 years. This is what we mean is a “macro period”.

What is Dynamic YIN-YANG

Althought Yin-yang dynamic is a manifestation of the two conditions, but there were not directly mutually antagonistic, thus we can compare it, because it is in a different space and time. It is not noticed by most students and scholars so often mistaken in discussing of yin-yang 5 elment. This mistake than raise confuse theirself, also disrupt the 5 elements theory.

Yin-yang dynamic is a manifestation of power in the process of growing up to weakness in a period . related to the elements of time, be sure to understanding between yin-yang-static and dynamic.

tabel mikro ke makro.



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