When I read the “Reflection word in inner peace” from the master ZENG YAN yesterday, there is a word in the sentence of the handbook, …..”Forgiving others is a good attitude to yourself

…….. makes me read it over and over. Remembering in the pass when I scold others, each scold, feels frantic and restless hearts, not useful. Similarly continues upset a few days, nothing gained at all of that anger.Now I feel the sentence was said by ZENG YAN master was very sensible. If everyone could just understand the meaning of this sentence, then how beautiful this world! I must be narrow, ill-tempered, just get angry because trivial things to myself, very uncomfortable.

recalled A time in junior high III, I was angry with my close friends because a trivial simply problem, but it’s a minor issue, because she participated in extracurricular activities, every day is busy. Every time I took her out to play, she always said there was no time, I feel I have been forgotten, so I did not reply back sms, no phone call from her, even in my school does not care her. In my heart is filled with complain, feeling discontent against him, myself it was not happy.

Today I read the Suhu’s Word, I realized that the past attitude was very naive. I know I’m wrong, but I also know that my previous error was that I had a bad temper. Now think back, I had to change and open a new chapter, if the attitude of facing others and public relations remain the previous personality is formed, then I would always stumble here and there. Because it was my attitude in the past in public relations was always self-centered, selfish, regardless of what others think. consequently only make a self-destructive anger, nor cause others to hate me. Really hurt.

On the night of the prom, I try to bridge the conversation with her, it turns out the two hearts flowers blooming open, ah! what fun! I apologized to her, sobriety  tastes amazing directly, since I always use this word as a motto, my friend is actually very tolerant. If I just lost a good friend like her, I would regret it for life!

Now the most important thing for me is no longer making the same mistake. the past, let go by, I want this to be a error mirror, that forgiving others is not only good to others, to understand him or her, but also a good treat to yourself. After forgiving others, our hearts will feel airy and harmony, happily responding to the various issues of life. This is not a good attitude to life choice?

From now on, no matter who is at fault, I have learned to forgive her/him. Because then my mind can only be relaxed and calm. People are forgiven, will also live with a sense of joy, mutual forgiveness between fellow human beings, mutual gain comfort and fun, we obtain no difference mind’s relaxation massage, it is fun in life. Then why not do with pleasure?

Author: ClaraAlverina.

source : Guo-ji-ri-bao newspaper

translet and posting by: AK.Chandra

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