gong-fu show

Pull Eight cars  with 1 meter long braids                                       source :kf.cn.com



Pull Eight  weighing 10 tons cars with 1 meter long braids , almost a hundred meters ahead. Have you seen the might of “kung fu” is?

26 August 2009, many people witnessed this miracle. In the morning, Tingting Zhang, [52 years] who mastered the art of kung-fu, style in the field south of the city Jinming kai-feng, hang zhou, demonstrating unik skills. that’s drag car with pigtails. This is the last time she did this action, after which she will go to the  ta-xiang-guo  Temple for Ordained.

At the location of the show, a large number of people who heard the news had come early in the morning and waited, only to witness the miracle long braids pull the car. “Good hair just as it is really rare.”

At 09:00, when Zhang Tingting wearing a yellow robe comes to location, the entire audience’s eyes immediately drawn to her hair, not least the praise and envy. Tingting Zhang has more than 50 years, no a white hair, but her hair was black and shiny. She deliberately single braided hair, look thick and strong. And not far away, has assembled eight parked cars. “Truly Alone hair can pull the car?” Some people deliberately stepped forward to see the cars, there are also trying to push the car with hands but no motion at all, people were skeptical eyes widen, staring at every move Zhang. Looks a little dark-skinned zhang, were flexing both feet and strong hands, placing one side braid that nearly 1 meter long, intertwined and tied off with a rope that the other end side have been connected with one of the first  eight related series cars. Looks Zhang Tingting turned back to the car, slightly bent, closed his eyes for a moment while consentrate her “chi”energy , a voice only “chi” … (get up), hands clasped in his head began to drag the car slowly forward. In tune with the pace, the eight cars began to move forward, rolling slowly almost a hundred yards then stopped, Zhang Tingting did relexsasi breath, completion and closing movements attractions. “It’s really exciting pull the car with her hair!” Accompanied by shouts of “oh, my God!” Truly exceptional, the audience responded with warm applause and crowded.

“From childhood I have liked the kung-fu, in this life destined mate with martial arts.” Zhang Tingting said, when childhood, Kaifeng City is  trend by learning self defense training, childhood she has been practicing some basic skills whwn childhood , 17 years  began  formal study practicing various martial arts , then she moved apprenticed to the Shaolin Temple to study  hard version  respiratory of Shaolin, also began studying Damma Buddha. Several years of practicing martial arts with a bang, she eventually mastered the martial arts properly. not only a few demonstrations that have been carried out in events around the country, performing traditional Chinese martial arts, also went out of the country several times. In appearance, the audience in many places that please sit on her. In the course of the show, she also had received some of the foreign students, so she enjoyed the famous names in the world of foreign martial arts. In the process of practicing Shaolin Qigong, Zhang Tingting emerging idea that has never happened before, “How can manifest female characters through hard version of shaolin Qi-gong ? soon, long braid swinging at her head then get inspire, then she tried to focus the power of” chi “special through the hair into pigtails, it was found that the pigtails can pull up the car running,. “In the beginning, could hardly exciting. Furthermore, only able to pull a car with little force, “said Zhang.

after training hard eventually, zhang Tingting hard work get pays off , her’s skills grew, the number of interesting pull the cars began to rise. In 2005, she participated in the” dare accept the challenge? “On” CCTV ” , challenges with hair pulling six cars and success. since then, a lot of performances with magic braid in Beijing, Guangzhou and other. recently, she was also invited to attend the funeral of former South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun, and demonstrate skills “magic braid hits the paper. “And yesterday, is the first challenge to pull her hair for eight cars. She said she had drift  for years outside, so put a pervasive sympathetic and miss with their hometown, she hopes parents and the old-men in hometown can watch once again she challenged her ultimate target.

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