Later ( instrumental )

Later                                                                                                     Liú ruò yīng
Reff 1
Later , I finally managed to learn how to love
But unfortunately you’ve gone away , lost in the sea of ​​people
Later, finally understand it in the tears
There are certain people once let slip then there will be no more
White Gardenia flower stalks , fall on my blue fold dress
Loving you, you whispered gently say
I Bowed my head feel a fragrant smell
the eternal night
Seventeen summers , nights that you kiss me
make me in next time
Every complaint , always remembering the star light of that day
Love in that time , why can  be so simple
then why people who are young
Easily create beloved people injured
In a similar night , are you also the same
Also is exploring regret sadness
If we do not so insist last time
Now also do not get so disappointed
You also  how recalled me
With a smile , or silencedoes
these few years, is there anyone, make you not lonesome
Repeat Reff 1
Repeat Reff 2
Repeat Reff 1 …. X2
Forever will not happen again
There was a boy loved a girl

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