Presented to the people who often complain, always blames others and circumstances, life was less happy.

Bit and a little also calculated, small problems become big problems.

Self looking headache, nothing born to be there are. 

Straight and crooked, Right or wrong never finish and endless.

Man trapped by circumstances threshold. Phenomenon born from the heart.

Able to accept and accommodate other people, then heaven and earth will compound.

Forcing their own will on others, is not an act of gentleman.

Looking forward in reverse flow, should adjust nature and time for suit.

Solve big problem be small, solve small problem be disappear.

Hearts calm then filling peaceful. Hearts had relieved then the craving will pass.

The way of mutual existing,  is the art of life. hope be kept together by the people who have affinity.

The world you know is a printout picture from your mind.

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