Social progress in our present life time , actually is one of the natural segment of a continuous process. The difference only lies in the segment of the macro-period of the earth that we live in is currently in a period which happens to be in the position leader-replacement between yin and yang. In a matter of macro-numerical . “Yang” was nearly ending it’s rule, and then switches to the ruling of Yin. from where we can know that the yin and yang will change? what will happen? of course, we all can’t be patient to be able to get the information and answers.

Why in our age now there are a lot of new phenomenon that is not feasible? And many of the phenomenon has never occurred in the past, even never thought of, facing many new problems in an age now, makes us wonder: “what exactly is happening on our planet?”Macro Numerical is a discovery period across the ages, a period of macro-numeric display  natural world images for 8640 years. era position that we are all currently live shows degree of macro numerical that already almost half of the period. namely the replacement of the intersection position “Yang” into “yin”. In such a situation, the world can not escape from the influence and the impact of it, because almost four thousand years the world is in the power of “Yang”, must now be changed to “yin”, it can image how devastating effect will be. We can learn from history so far, when a dynasty had to change from hands to another dynasty, the turn toward from feudalism to democracy etc., will be deadly. and emerging social upheaval, there are pros there are cons. The more popular words in political terms is “revolution”. But the revolution should not to fight with sharp weapons or firearms. can also revolutionary “ideas.” paradigm, culture etc.. within the present towards the exchange of power “Yang” hands by”yin”, the whole world can not be separated from collision and it’s impact as replacement is fundamental processes related to the root layer.

If not able to adapt  regulations and,changing,  when confronted with a new situation, it seems people will not have the capacity. Habits of the old concept than be confused because it is not reliable beyond novelty and foreign, as well as being skeptical, because the concept and reality of the environment will emerge greater divisions. Traditional dogmatic mindset was face a serious test. This situation occurs not only in the East, also occurred in western countries. Exchange of yin and yang is faced by all human beings, but the Eastern bloc and the West, the changes will be different. even the opposite direction, in accordance with the laws of nature.

When “yang” stepped down from leading and the “yin” to take over the drive, which is facing a new situation that has never encountered before. no information from the history that can be used as a reference. then this is the reason why we need to study and examine the numerical periodic macro. To better understand the meaning and numerical macro-period rules, need to understand the “yin and yang” first, of course, on the other hand, while we can also learn, while researching. after reading the macro numerical analysis period, so as well as better understand the “yin-yang”, because the macroperiod numericalis calculated based on the science of yin-yang, nine columns, eight hexagrams (ba-gua) and the combination of the twelve Earthly Branches of the 5 elements . Macro period numerical discovered by me (the author) in order to study the science of yin-yang five elements. accidentally discover a rule or a system similar to the trak of human life on Earth from past events closest to Genesis we can see, hopefully with the present invention, this knowledge can be developed through continues joint research, so beneficial to the welfare and prosperity of mankind globally, especially for our    great-grandchildren in future.

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Author and first research by: AK.CHANDRA

publication on march 2013.


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