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The other side of the unknown

The evolution of environmental and growing conditions in the world of material practical  known and understood by human cognitive, often not according to reason based on experience dogmatic explanation. For example, a person from childhood had received a good education and sufficient, should have a good quality of life also in the future. In fact, of the many classmates in a college, who are all receiving the same education, eat the same food, after growing up and apart, there is poor there are rich, some are successful while others failed. Is it true only because of the “lack of diligence, lack of effort, lack of learning” and the efforts of individual factors each of which led to differences in the ending?

Bitterness of life faced by every person is also not just limited to birth, aging, sickness and death, there are still too many bad feelings, unjust, regret, frustration, sadness, pain, Criminal, injured, live alone, without relatives. Loneliness, not to get attention and so are experienced throughout life. Creationism religious argument is: That the man of sin, only Allah knows, however, humans can only accept surrender. Buddhism encourages people to liberation. By purifying the heart to birth prajna (innate intelligence). Breaking the worldly illusion, to dismiss reincanation of six lanes. However, what can they do, no affinity with the world of vacuum. (Empty inner world) which the chain of person to worldly is still not over.

Motivator play by manipulating the subconscious mind. Only able to fix the mistakes of memory, in the face of natural pressure seems to remain not much helpless. All human efforts with a variety of advanced equipment and the latest methods, as long as it  only discuss insists the facts of external phenomena, still only able to explain a natural phenomenon on the surface, would not be able to peel the actual nature’s secrets.


Indeed, the activities of human existence, silently is more dominated by the other side are not known, it is often known as “agnostic”.

Hard life and suffering, not the desire of people. Living well, luxury ,happy is all people wishful thinking. Stay away from vices and  approaching fortune is human expectations in general.

But human life is ​​ups and downs like a sea, could fall up, can also calm or turbulent, until feel bored. Situations of each people seem encounter different, some the same and different at the other. By experience, it seems is the choice of each individual, but whether each person is given a fair and equal choice? Although similar, were everyone have the same capacity in the face of these options?

There is a successful entrepreneur, every year diligently perform general check-up, the best hospitals and expensive, keeping the daily diet, doing regular exercise recommended by experts, following the advice of a personal doctor, but suddenly died. Even doctors are fairly well-known and best keep silent. No comment.

Both in terms of science, ethics, experience and other arguments, honestly say, it is not helpless when faced with the mystery of this invisible energy.

Surface phenomenon is explain by the recognition material from people who based on the experience of the five senses of human cognitive, assisted by various research tools made by humans.

What’s all behind it?

Indeed, beyond the activities of matter in the universe there is another side that is not visible or can not be detection with tools made of material as well. Interpretation of this invisible energy in the book “tao” is represented by “wu. 无”, all life in the universe secretly manipulated by “wu”, A system or the rules of the game that does not look natural.

What is “wu”  meant in the book “tao” (tao is the oldest book in the world)

“Wu” means nothing, but no nothing at all. Do not forget, “There are” born from “nothing”.

Were you there before born? of course no, after you were born, a new being. So in the world where you are exist now is starting from nothing.

Because you can not see the process, do not know, do not understand, it is difficult to prove that “nothing”is exist . So people do not believe.

For example, electric waves, elektromaknit vibrations, ultraviolet or infrared, etc., ancient people did not know the science of electricity, so people can say “there  was nothing”. But nowadays people can accept this notion. Having been equipped with knowledge. Though it seems this kind of science is in accordance with the definition of the “scientific” should meet the standard procedure., Not just electricity Sciences spoke on condition of “invisible”? (the power itself act in invisible.)

Thanks to advances in technology and research on the human body, it is now known that the human body has a bioelectrical. In the future, the human body’s own bioelectrical of these can be used to turn on the LCD screen. so, there are many things to hide, is not known. Most people only know each occurrence of the visible surface. Few people are able to read and not explorated. once installed a media device, so bioelectrical perform its existence. (on the surface)

Definition of the word “WU”

Understanding “wu” in the Book of Tao is quite broad, covering all aspects, not just limited to the material world, but also non-material. For example “ideas, inspiration,  etc.”.

On New Year holidays, there is a luck word that is often spoken by people: “the desire to think and be true”. Thoughts are secretly things. “Hope” implanted, but is desired, and thought could actually happen? Is someone’s dream can be realized only by “planting hope, set the target and do it sincerely.” Before you start, it may be the motivation burning spirit. After a trip to the end, then the argument is no longer valid. It will be history. Just for the evaluation of thinking “why”.

Yin-yang five elements

Yin-yang five elements is the menu in the “WU” which hidden hand that regulates the activities of human survival. “As the Buddha said:” empty and there, is an inseparable integrated. “

until now a proven fact, just the science of yin-yang and the five elements could explain the answer to life mystery. Under the manipulation of yin-yang five elements, the fact that walking is not because you want to, you do not want, or do not believe you will lose or gain. Since you do not know, do not understand the rules, so you do not feel its existence. People who do not understand the yin-yang five elements, are naturally more confident of their own experience coupled with the learning experiences of others. But though the study continued until old age, when what is being discussed within the scope of the surface, it will not always be able to obtain a satisfactory explanation of the legal activities of life.

One packet of the same rice raise hundreds different kinds of people, not a problem in rice, but the quality of the person who meal. like a seed that is planted, the ground and the climate is different, through a process of time could be a different result. human life is similarly.

When you have worked hard to work hard, not minds from fruition or not, by itself you will be diligent. Whether it had or what you want, it does not matter. To be sure you are going to run it in such a way. It seems you have a choice, but it’s your choice. The condition now is a result of your previous choices. You may protest that the ancients did not want to like this, that’s human. Almost everyone at first just look good to the other side only. Not willing to accept the risk and impact.

When you are lazy or relaxed. But can gain fortune. You confuse, Want reject any windfall coming continues. The once sought after, ask any people help there is no response and result, but now  it come automatic without being asked. Strange?

Independent role

No matter how big the person’s intentions, good or bad, strong or weak, are not affected by unilateral desire of the individual. nature will play the role without favoritism. So do not be surprised that the events in this world at a time can be as “unfair.” Like not matched  with tradition dogma. Due to the nature do not reconig and follow the product of the human mind. Even though ethics. Nature has its own rules. if people want safety and peace, the only way is to learn to know nature and understand the rules first.

Human Individual life from birth to death, full of stories and event, it all are the work of an individual who is a manifestation of the invisible hand to the surface. As an actor in a play. He never escape to follow the script . He or she was just doing their’s best acting on stage.


People who understand the yin-yang and the five elements by clear rules, will know life is just like-as things that exist. Like a kite in the sky, we can all see in the air, the kite up high and down action, peoples praise and comments, but never noticed the controlling thread. Because the people who control the kite is usually not visible.


Yin-yang five elements not only just suitable for a group of people, but is suitable for everyone, both for individual circumstances, or decode human structures, such as the blue-print of a building. It could also be a reference to the natural environment. Yin-yang five elements is not just limited to talking about life, in fact, is also a science that can peel properties of all activities, utilization of energy, chemical, medical, and other fields. in the future, it will be a very important discipline in the role determining the viability of the welfare of mankind.

Yin-yang academic guidelines are for human exploration of the universe and the essence of life. It is the crystal policy of the chinese nation. also a valuable legacy for the whole world people.

Relation with faith

If life is set as an example like a train, then the trust is a guideline for train going where it want going. Religion provides an overview of the trust offered, was to the purpose of life. While the yin-yang five elements are not talking about goals. Rather talk process.  where some one is located  in the journey of life?  how quality the carriage  was, when will appear  a storm ,or when moonlight coming,etc. any and all of the experienced, trust is something that the power to make a brave  for man to get through.


Development and influence

In today’s world, the development of the yin-yang theory is very little. After China itself as the source with political turmoil over the past term, the development of the theory of yin-yang had stopped behind several decades. Only by mastering the law of yin and yang, and for those who know nature as a whole. The success or failure can clearly in hand. all over of life is like a drama on the stage. law of the yin-yang 5 elements is it’s scenario.

Yin-yang is coherent of phenomena. As a coin has two sides of the face. Both are equally exist. Despite not whoever he is, in the history of the emperors, Confucius, Wang Bi, Mao Zedong. Can not be separated from the scenario itself. Each of them  have a scenario but may not be aware, hostile life, fame, etc. fierce struggle, all secretly manipulated by the other side of the invisible.

Man with impact of 5 elements

Man consists of a combination of substances, is part of the material in nature,  nothing apart in nature can free from the influence of the Yin-Yang five elements, the interaction of substances attract each other and repel each other, coalesce, hit, and change. then man by itself was not immune from interruptions upheaval of  five elements.

A monk with no name has said: “I was outside the chess board, free from the trap of the five elements.” Fate does not work destabilize him. This shows that he is not only understanding the five elements, he is vary familiar with the five elements, and a very deep understanding that he knows exactly how to resist the influence of the five elements, the only way is to “dwell”. (The tao called “wu-wei”, do not do)

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