There was one person maintain A cat at home, he gave the name “Tiger cat”.

Guest A said: ” Tiger was ferocious, but not as famous as the dragon, called it” dragon cat. “”

Guest B said, “Dragon has the power is true, but fly to the sky can not be separated from the cloud, called it” cloud cat. “” 

Guest C said: “The wind can disperse the cloud, called it” the wind cat. “” 

Guest D replyed: “The walls can withstand wind, more appropriately called” Wall cat .””

Guest E latest said: “Rats can perforate the wall, so the most suitable called” Mouse cat. “” 

All guests commented to each other and to argue his opinion.

An old man heard it until last, then he spat them all: “Cat is a cat ! ” The controversy debate just  to be able to stop.

😉 A lot of talk with no substance just makes the problem more complicated. which in turn will deviate out of the essence of the problem.

Then, there is a trend that the name of a person just added the letter “A” alone, in order to avoid variations in the meaning of the ridiculous. (A lun, A jing,  A Bi, A tun etc.)

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