practical sales

practical sales

A shoes businessman had sandal in many stock unsold. Goods are strong but the model out of trendy. practically impossible  to be sold anymore in the local market, so he tries to market abroad. .He sent a senior Marketting doing servey to Africa. After spending the cost and time, several countries visited, sales marketting   back to the boss and is reporting :”It’s hard, boss, just forget about the African market, the people there were no wearing footwear at all” he said. The Boss feel a little disappointed but he still curious.

One day a salesman who has been canvas working 3 months back to head-office. ask if there are expansion plans. Entrepreneur says: I have a plan to market the sandals which still a lot of stock to the African market, do you dare to go there? ”

“OK boss, I love the opportunity, let me try.” He said. So he went to take a large suitcase containing various samples sandals in it. Before leaving, the selling price has been set at least 1 dollar for a pair of sandals. “If stock of a  warehouse can sold out, as long as we return the capital alone, it is gratitude already” boss thought himself.


Arrived in Africa, the new Salesman also surprised, because he saw no one wearing shoes. But in addition to surprise, he was also very excited. This also marks here there is no competition.Then he set the work plan. A few days later the sandals in suitcase sold out and acquire one container orders of sandals. He brought home the good news to the boss.

The  office uproar. “Goods that have been stalled for over a year in the warehouse all will be sold to Africa? Countries whose inhabitants do not wear footwear? “Really a great news.

Boss was celebrating. in the middle of  feast boss asked how did he sells.

“The early all difficult, boss. “He said.” But because I think it’s far to come. Must be able to think of something to sell. So not worth it ”


“On the third day I try to see influential figures there. I give some sandals Free of Charge as a gift. I demonstrate the benefits of wearing sandals. Including I put small and sharp objects on the floor. I told them to try stepping by wearing sandals. Once they feel comfortable, I asked for them how help to gather people, to provide counseling to wear sandals. This is for the benefit of the population here, I say. They agreed. ” “In the next day been collected many people in a field, after I testified benefits of wearing sandals, stuff I bought out of the suitcase. And there are many who miss to buy ”

“Why would they booking purchase amount for one container?”

“Why not, I sell sandals in the retail price as high as 10 dollars / pair. 10 x more than the price set by boss. I kept out separately to the candidates who seem interested be traders, if they order amount for one container, it costs only 2 dollars / pair. So they could take advantage 4x as much. “”I take an example, if you buy a container sandals from me, you can get 4 containers slippers. thinks they could be Free of Charge get 4 containers. Such as fortune fell from the sky. “Then they sign a booking contract.

“Essentially, they do not wear sandals, we just simply teach them use it, that’s all!” Said the young man.

“This time, you can reach the bonus around price of a new car.” Said the boss very happy.

“Thank you, boss”All employees came to greet, congratulate him

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