SEVEN STEPS DISTICH is a short story whose meaning is very helpful for people who have a bad temper .

Long ago there was a rich man, marry a beautiful girl. He was very satisfied and love the newly married wife. So unfortunately, he watched closely her activity . Although she had become his wife, he is still afraid someone else could be hidden try seduce her.  Everyone who came to visit the house he shoud supervises.for sure.

 Arriving one day near the lunar new year, he also plans to go to town to buy new-year’s stock. So he told his plan to his wife, before leaving he repeatedly advised should stay away from strangers. His wife told him, “be careful on the way. Do not be too long gone, I was lonely at home alone “,” do not worry, I’ll be back before new year. “Said the rich man

So the rich man went to the city. After spending enough supplies for the holidays, last longer remember what he still missing, “oh yeah, then there should be a new year event rather well, I will stick to the temple in pairs on either side of the main door, to obtain the well signs at the beginning of the new year “. As a mansion house or building, a magnificent building there is usually has significant writing, in the paste at the forefront of the building that can be read by everyone who passed. 

But he was not a scholar, so he did not know what to write. So he’s looking for smart people to give him an idea. Incidentally there is a practitioner of “Tao” holding banners that read “fortune teller” on hands and passing a short distance away, he quickly call and tell his point. : “Sir, could you please help me design a pair of good verse, to welcome the new year? I do not want to be like that already on the market, will sir write to me, I would give ten “silver”for your’s reward. [Ancient silver under gold, but its worth over than copper coins, quite considerable amount.]. This rich man thought, I’ll pay expensive away from the others, [ordinary least-expensive fare 1 silver] the important was i can got high quality writing.

 Tao practitioners looked on his face for a moment, then said: “Are you serious? No regrets? ‘

“I believe you, ,  I’ve seen you wrote to other people last year. They were so nice, dont worry, just write, anything you write, sir, I do not regret it. “Said the rich assured.”

“Well, because you dare to pay for expensive, I would write the best for you too” he answered.

So the TAO Practitioners take out paper and  MAO-BI, then write two pieces, and then handed over to him.

With hopefully, the rich man patiently waited and finally received the results of his writings. But what he wrote, it made him surprised.

On the first sheet wrote: “Move forward seven steps. Take a look at left. Take a look at right. “

And the second sheet wrote: “Backward seven steps, Take a look at left, Take a look at right “.

 “What kind of  these  wisdom writing? “rich man Babble. 

Because he promised should be consistent, he continued to pay 10 silver to “TAO” practitioners and say thank you. Before leaving, the practitioner “Tao” said again: “Mr. customer, because you are keeping your promise to pay, so I have a little message for you and please remember, after you arrive home, if you see something strange, try reading my temple wrote earlier, you could only obtain blessing from it. ” ” yes, yes … “Replied the rich man no spirit.

Then with a sense of disappointment he left home because chase time. He should be back home before the new year, then after a long journey is expected to arrive home late at night.

During the journey, he had a bad feeling. As there is a bad feeling going on at home. when arriving in front of the house, he began to suspect, because door just simply closed not locked. “My wife is doing affeir with another man” he thought. Then he walked in slowly as not to make any noise at all. Arriving in front of the bed room, the more convinced he alleged, because there were a pair of new man shoes showed in front of bed, lined with his wives shoe commonly used. [The old days people went to bed to sleep, his shoes will be released in a lie flat seat in front of the bed, shoes indicate a person was on bed ] Angry unmitigated, he immediately went to the kitchen for a machete, and went back into the bedroom.” Lowly woman flippant, I just for a few days yaou have dared affair, let me kill you both, I do finished their lives together, let’s know how you fell the risk”. Said in his heart.

He wants hack with machete to whom in the sealed covers, he suddenly remembered message of the”TAO” practitioner in town.Then he went back, stand up in the middle of bedroom not far from the bed, tries to do what is said in verse.

Seven steps forward, he follow stepped one by one up to 7 steps, he toke a look to left, nothing. he also take alook to right , there was no anything on the right side of the room too.

Later he realization another bait in verse, follow doing seven steps backward before he has time take a look to lift side, in these last seven’th steps to make his body hit the small table and dropped the pot. “Gubrak …. ” Beeping noise wake up his sleeping wife.

 His wife sat up, rubbing her eyes and say: “oh, my husband was home, forgive me, I am waiting for your home to fall asleep. you said come back home today, a few days spare so I try made a new shoes for you to new year, look here, I put these shoes here how many days, as if there besides my husband with me. Come and try, if the size was fits. “The wife pull her hand gently.While walking withdrawn, he asked: “Why do not the main door unlocked? “he ask, .”my dear, you said you wanted to go home today, I missed it once and waited until evening, I was afraid that I’ll be overslept and you could not enter the house. So I did not lock the door.’

Hearing what is said with sincerity of his wife,  her husband hypertension down directly and out in a cold sweat.”Oh, I was so reckless, almost doing the bad that can not be forgiven in my lifetime”, Cold sweat pouring from his head, his hands trembling. His mouth said: “The forward seven step, backward seven steps ….. ‘”

“My dear, what are you saying ? “Asked the wife.”

Well worthy, very worthy, don’t say 10 silver, 1000 silver, hundreds of thousands silver-else worth my pay ! “He said. As he hugged his wife tightly. Now,  that out were not sweating again, but tears. tears filled with a moved sense .



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