Statis World

Humans rely on sensory information to get a sense of “sight, hearing, smell, foretaste, touch”, the five senses and their information managers make six awareness for people to get to know this world.

In the corridor relying on the capacity and six conscious senses to obtain so limited material and environmental activitie information, whether or not assisted tool, to setting human existence and its status as such the way, in  tai-chi world that is divided yin-yang, and this kind of introduction are classified as being on the side of Yin. 

Limited to the innate capacity since humans birth are only able to catch the wave reflection from the low speed movement of materials or objects. super fast motion, expansion of the space, the activity of micro, are beyond the reach of human beings to know. 

People, cars, houses, or mountain, everyone can see these images as an external object emits light waves that spread into our eyeball. In the event of termination of the light wave channel, then the object disappeared from the scope of the eye.

TV screen is made based on the nature of human eye’s visual flaws, managed to present animated images in front of us. thanks to advances in electronics technology, starting with a small light spot, which moves one by one with rotating scanning rule up to 312.5 line turn on, point the light spot as though Shaping into one image (semi-intact). Then, in the one second , shown continued until 50x different”image” . 

The human eye collects light spot to spot, a series spot of light as the signal stored in the brain that form animated continued images .Therefore, it can be seen that the senses we also receive a variety of information be it images, weather, touch, etc. through the waves that touch the senses of the body. body is constantly receiving information in the form of pulses which are sent to the brain.  (Not the whole picture directly recieved in a moment) 

However, the human capacity  has its limitations.  include Features of five human senses. if only rely on features of the natural state of human beings to understand about life and human activity is very limited.

Someone good scholars have read more than tens thousands of books, self-righteous, would be able to think, if he could fly in space, turned back to see the earth, he will be surprised to see that the earth is just like a grain of sand. If the body be able to shrink into smaller and smoother than the bacteria, we are talking about the earth then he would be confused, because it might just know their world only know outer space, so if the knowledge of the human senses is based on the introduction of this, compared with the universe, human beings on earth, nothing like the frog in the shell, do not know how high the sky, and how thick the earth.

Sitting in a plane in flight, looking down sports car was speeding on high way, will wonder why the car was road slowly almost like not moving. actually the vehicle is stepped on the gas until the maximum velocity, reaches 200km/hour up. This is the parable for those who look with the eyes of mines. Understanding the analogy that only recognizes the subjective consciousness.

In the world of yin-yang, the pattern of this world is the introduction of the world are classified into yin. People already been think that what can be touched by the just called common knowledge, which includes new scientific doctrine is recognized as a  science. while the other unknown side   metaphysics, is agnostic world that was not recognized. therefore thought subjectively,  most doctrine works written to date, They include science, is the product of the world in accordance with the standard view of the static world or yin (negative)world.




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