The secret book of “Ba-zi” ( page 1 )

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The key to know human fortune most acurate in the world.

The genuine explication about book of “zi-ping”.

This book have been wrote almost a thousand more years ago. Not easy to get, and not easy to read or understand, even chines people who can read or write chines language. To understand its content must have a certain yin-yang 5 element knowledge. many people even a master of fortune teller know and confess this famous book. But not all people can get original content.

I try to translate the first page so all the scholar or who interested in “ba-zi” can compare what they have learn from another book.

Here is the translation:


The original describtion of “zi-ping”

Writen by San-yin Mr.SHEN-XIAO-ZHAN沈孝瞻. Book saved by medium deputy 長安Chang-an(city) Zhao-zhan-ru趙展如.

Edit by Xiang yin湘陰 LIE-XING-KE 李星科yong sun pu永蓀莆.    


First chapter:           Theory of “gan-zhi ” ( gan= bole,rod,stem.  Zhi= Branch )

“ Gan-zhi “ is a group alphabet in chinese word especially for calender, number , in special application. As a code of nature when represent time and space in someone’s 4 pillar ba-zi. There are ten “gan”and twelve “zhi” as combination. “


In the middle of sky  and earth, there is  only one ”chi”. (air)

Just need had dynamic and static. Then it will split to be Yin and yang.  As there are old and young, so can split be four phenomenon.

Old age which mean: extreme static situation, and extreme dynamic’s named Tai-yang and tai-yin. ( tai mean large, extreme )

while young mean:   period of early moving and early quiescent, represent by shao-yang and shao-yin.

shao mean young. new born, beginning.

This four phenomenon can represented by old age father and old age mother, young son and young daugter in a family.

Since there were four phenomenon, then 5 elements were exist in it.

Water was tai-yin, fire was tai-yang, wood was shao-yang, and metal was shao-yin.

Earth was result of combination joint from tai-yang;tai-yin;shao-yang and shao-yin.

There were already 5 elements, so why have ten “gan” and  twelve “zhi” again?

As we know, there were yin-yang, then born 5 elements. while in 5 elements each have yin-yang too.

Say the wood, jia and yi ( 甲,乙) were yin and yang of wood.

jia, which was “Chi” of yi, yi was substance of jia.(甲)

In sky which was chi of life,  then flow to thousand of woods was “jia”. On earth were whole woods.

While recieve and responsed its “chi” of life was “yi”.(乙)

Split more detail,  the atmospheric of life distribution was jia. and successfully coagulated the atmospheric of life was yi of jia.

So million wood as threre were the branchs and leafs was jia of yi. while the branchs and leafs of million wood was yi of yi. they so was be jia.  While chi of yi have been completed so it became yi. While substance of jia already hard, there are above jia and yi, so now yin and yang completely equipped . 

Then why there were yin* 寅 , mao 卯 ? ( jia,yi…. ten gans,   yin, mao…. twelve branch )

* 寅 have the same pronunciation with yin 陰 of yin-yang, but it is different word and meaning)

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