The secret book of “Ba-zi” ( page 2 )

Yin(寅) Mao (卯) were: from jia 甲 yi 乙 split heaven and earth again ,  based on jia yi to split yin-yang(陰陽),  then jia was yang, yi was yin. it mean wood active in heaven be  actors of yin-yang. while based on yin(寅) mao (卯) split yin-yang, yin (寅) was yang and mao (卯) was yin. which were actors of wood active on earth.
Along as jia-yi and yin-mao split yin-yang, so jia-yi was yang, and yin-mao was yin. wood be phenomenon on heaven, and be shape on earth.
jia-yi execute the heaven’s while yin-mao receive. yin-mao survive on earth, was provided by jia-yi. so jia-yi seem like  regional head, while yin-mao like regional which controlled.
lu (祿)of jia at yin (寅),  lu (祿)of yi at mao,  like official at official residence,functionary person was at mansion.  it’s manipulation for one month respectively. jia-yi at heaven, move and not staying. So the yin’s month was not always jia. the mao’s month was not always yi.

yin-mao at earth, so stop and not mobile.

although jia (甲) outstanding and will change,but there still was build yin(寅) month.

although yi (乙) outstanding and will change,but there still was build Mao(卯) month.

Talking about “chi”, jia (甲) was Prosperous then yi (乙).

Talking about “substance”, yi (乙) was harder then jia (甲).

So the Vulgar book absurd said that jia (甲) was like florest, strong and easy Break-off,

yi (乙) was like Seedling bud, young and dont damage, was who did not understand the truth reason of yin-yang.

With wood to be example for analyisis others, so we should know the others.

merely earth was collide chi of metal, water,wood and fire. so board out Prosperous on four season.

Then the reason of chi and substance of yin-yang was such a Theory.

novice who wishing learn life-reason, first have to know the reason of gan 干-zhi 支,  then can begin enter to ba(八)-zi (字)study.

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