A pair of rooster and hen were  brought by people from rural to urban. Hen very glad.” Aha, I finally came to the big city, this is the dream i have waiting for along before”. The roosters do not agree. “We have good living in the village, why willingly brought by strangers into a strange place?” Rooster said with worried.

They live comfortably in the city, the food is very good and abundant. not like in their hometown must toil to feed themselves, it’s difficult to find food. Unfortunately in the city is not free. Not long after, their body increases fat rapidly. One day they were both dressed, their body is rinsed clean. Wearing a floral scarf. But her feet bound. They were taken to a place where many people gather. Placed on to the table along with other animals. on the table there are also pots of incense. there is an iron-fingered kiln beside the table. Many people watch. Hen proudly say:. “Look, finally we are in big cities, in our hometown where ever there is a magnificent crowd like this, my dear, I just do not understand, we’ve lived in the city for a long time, than  much different when we were in village , why is everyone still call us village-chicken? “

Rooster said sadly:” in this situation you still dream of being a  town chicken , I let you know, soon our neck will cut   to be a sacrifice. ” “look, it was an executioner carrying a cleaver on his way”. hen looked over at it, fainting do not pass out a wake itelf  

  😳    wealth and power would not eliminate fulgar . People should have the culture and wisdom, can only be glorious.

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