What’s on top?

What’s on top?

In the past, in a remote place, a chief is dying. He choose three best young men in the village and said to them: “This is my time to leave you, I want you three person to do one last thing for me. all three of you are good boys, famous for incredible brilliance. Now I ask you use the best way to climb a high mountain which we regard as a sacred mountain. do your best way to climb to the highest place, and then, turning back to tell me, what you see and hear. “

Three days later, the first young man returned, he smiled, bright clothes and said: “Mr. chairman, I’ve reached the top, I saw flowers lined beside two path, ater flowing in river, birds are singing, ah, where it really is great place!” chieftain replied: “My son, a lot of the sounds of birds and fragrant flowers, I had also been passed that way, what you say it’s not the top of the mountain, it is the foot of the hill, now you can go home!”

A week later, the second young men had returned. He looked tired, his face wrinkle, “chairman, Sir, I have reached the top, I saw a tall pine forest and switch, I saw a hawk circling in the sky, it’s a good place.”

“Ah, unfortunately, boy, it’s not a peak, it was a half mountain. Yet it is not easy for you to reach there, now go home!”

A month later, people began to worry about the safety of the third young men who had not returned. Finally he came back too, with step by step footpaths, his clothes torn to pieces, broke chapped lips, dry hair, only his eyes remained strong as a magnitude unseen. : “I finally reached the top,” he says to chief:

“But I do not know what to say, there simply only swirling winds, blue sky creeping down the four corners”

“Don’t you see anything there at all? Anything, perhaps a butterfly for example?”

“Yes, Mr. chairman, on the top nothing can be seen, only yourself, only” person ” who felt his little dwarf, are placed in the world under the big sky, only to feel the passion of the ancient heroes.”

“My son, you have come to the actual top of the mountain, according to our tradition, it is the intention of God to serve you to become the new leader of the tribe, congratulations I say.”

What is encountered by a true hero? he went through was his whole body full of bruises, a long lonely trip. and feeling “small” which is increasingly evident.

BY: Zhang Xiao-feng. Translated by: AK.Chandra

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