World view Patterns of yin-yang [1]                             metaphysical World 2

Basically the world view pattern of human determining the final outcome in human cognition to the world. For most people, they can not clearly be aware, that the thinking is really laid out in his own setting of view pattern in the way to recognize the world.

materialist perception

man’s rational cognition to the scientific logic was: All existence was a  movement and change  in the material energy form. World is something independent solid container and free of human consciousness. With objective material existence worldview to be Basic view, not only affect the outcome of human cognition, has also destabilize the pattern of view of human values ​​themselves. Pursuit; Effort; Enjoy; Occupy for materialist interests and individual consciousness is nothing but also derived from a view pattern of value.

Yin-Yang Pattern worldview.

In the world of Yin-yang, substance can interpreted as yin-yang. Chinese traditional culture with  various types of knowledge, headed by the book “yi” [yi-ching], was  the science of ” relation” that develops from the base of the yin-yang science academy. In the perception of  yin-yang patterns world view, “the world” is determined by the relative but complimentary relationship.The existence and nature of a thing or substance, all within a relatively relationship to confirm the existence and nature itself. When all relationship destroyed, then substance also be vanished.


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