Growing process of yin and yang

Yin Yang is a cycle, for example, morning until night, is one cycle. Tomorrow morning until night, is another cycle again. today and tomorrow’s cycle is a consistent coherent. Person’s life can refer to the day as a yin-yang cycle unit. How long does a person passes a yinyang [day and night] in the day’s unit, or how much the spring and autumn has passed. Spring is yang, autumn is yin. Literary writing the number of Spring and Autumn means one cycle in a year [yang and yin in terms of years].

The cycle can be calculated from the smallest of the respiratory rhythm, or the time in minutes and seconds. Cycle after cycle accumulate a larger cycle, the accumulation of yin and yang from small to medium yinyang cycle, yin-yang cycle intermediate accumulates again become large yin-yang. All life in nature from generation to generation, is nothing but the continuation of the exchange of yin with yang. A large cycle run by many small cycles, each cycle begins by Yang, terminated by yin.  which yang in this day, are born or continuation [coherent] of yin last night. Yin of today are raised by today’s yang. Which yang symbolizes the giver [donate, guide, build, bring-up ] ,Yin represents as an receiver [Obedience, to continue, follower, implimentasion] from the subject. Yang just as adolescence, growing periode.study, recieve knowledges, yin Is a period of mature,realization personal dream.

Yin like an object, midlife. future achievement. All achievements yin including the good and the bad is the consequence of the command or the motivation of yang. Body [yin] enjoy everything good results [result / effect], in fun and the suffering of the success or failure by a person’s behavior. Good sense of the physical and the spiritual, and environmental phenomena are formed.

yang without yin cycle earlier, it is impossible to birth.Yin without preceded by yang, it will not grow. Achievement yin, whether good or bad, it is the intention of yang. Which preceded, followed Yin later. The first half-life period is a time of learning and growth. Make efforts like sowing seeds in farming. Each behavior in the activity helped influence him to unconsciously forming in the future, as-well-as internally or externally (human & society relations)

Activity for future fully vitality, full of confidence, studying, while renew or change the concept, change the mindset of his previous, Ideals, dreams, plans, change positions, change professions, changing jobs, couples exchange, a lot of things that are not stable at this time is shown, the teenage years are often seen still unstable, in general, young people do not care, indifferent, assume that time is a long journey, finding out as much and ambitions. Hobbies, career still potentially be replaced or increased. Fumbled for the thrill or shock. Heart is not peaceful, the mind is still moving steadily less focused / unfocused. It is the characteristics of adolescents in the growth process in general.Once people reach their 30s body has reached the end of the level, there is no longer growing. Science and knowledge gained during external know this already widely and mindset began fixed. Concepts and attitudes of his life began to take shape, he stayed develop what is already filled in his brain to start life in the second half of life. That has begun to fall throne, Yin made his/her play with all the legacy which was formed from the previous one.

Yin relay as both sports athletes, athlete receives a stick game of the couple who ran first, to continue the match until the end. so the yin period to realize the goal, the dream, which is preceded by a period pacesetter in life.generally to the age of thirty, the basic concept has begun sturdy, not easily changed again.

Human memory, initially as an empty glass, filled slowly began much and increases with age, when the glass is nearly full of water filled and kept filled, the water will overflow. Cognitive processes of the human brain in a single segment, is also not easy to accept new ideas and concepts again. [If the old ones are not removed], so no wonder people get older can be more stubborn. Lessons from the experience of many years in adolescence, will be the dominant determinant of the subjectivity when determining attitudes and make decisions in the future.

Confucius say: Man thirties then stood upright. General meaning: That the process of human growth, until at the age of thirty years,  has been basically completed the form. [ Relation article of Confucius said this would be discussed separately ]


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