YIN-YANG COMPATIBLE ENTITY INTUITION– yin-yang world-view pattern [3]

YIN-YANG COMPATIBLE ENTITY INTUITION                   yin-yang world-view pattern [3] 
The difference in the shape of the yin-yang compatible Which represents a special identity.
Such as the head of the family is yang, family members are yin. Teachers is yang, students are yin. The general public is yin, the leader is yang.
All matter and things which was excellent; prominent;( salient ) dominant ; Conspicuous; eye-catching; striking; magnificent; extraordinary; unique. was reflecting of yang’s character.
What have been common, the ordinary, is considered to yin.
A drop of red among the thousands of small white flowers, then red is to be prominent in the ordinary flower.
Red to be symbols of yang from scattered common white Flowers.

The differences of men and women intuitively in  yin-yang out view is contained in the characteristic of male body and female body. By consensus, male is yang, upper body also is yang. In terms of Yang and Yang, parts of the male’s body without any different for special look. so the male’s chest is generally wide and flat.

Woman is yin, front body is yin, the upper body is yang. This compatible invite special attention. Therefore female’s breast prominent, female breast has always been a guy’s spotlight.
Man is yang, front body is yin , half lower body is yin, so a male’s front lower body parts become salient, to be noticed.
Woman is yin, front body is yin, the half lower parts of body also yin, yin with yin, there is no difference,. Three yin effected to lower part of women body become flat, even Concave into.
In yin-yang compatible, the nature of things that more stand out was appear in the (front)yin side.
Upper body of Rear side is yang, both male and female, the back side of the shoulder to the waist more looks flat. While the back side of the lower body, ladies [women] more prominent than men. Because the back side [yang], the bottom [yin]. For men [yang], which stands out is the yin in between two yang. While women [yin], which stands out is yang between two yin.

According to the phenomenon then can be concluded, that if Yin in the group of yang [majority], zoom is widening[zoom in]. Not as yang in the yin group [majority], which are look sharp and long[zoom out], differences in its form and real. This is the out view of yin-yang compatible’s law. [ from my own research ]


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