CATs paradise [2]

CATs paradise [2]

………. continues from Part 1

Night has come slowly. It was a foggy night, I almost froze. Soon the rain. Little rain, but was continues stabbed into the body, coupled with a barrage of winds brushed it off. We dropped down through a hole in the ceiling staircase. Hus! The road now, in my view how ugly was! it has not had heat so well as it used to, does not have a large sun once again, no more white sparkling roofs as it used to, which is a place that we can roll it as much. Sidewalk curb land filled with mud, foot stepping step by step on slippery pole, this time I really connected with the meditation of the bitter three-layered blankets and feather pillows.

We are arrival on the streets now, my fellow old male cat was shivering a bit. Then he shrunk his body became smaller and smaller. Navigate through the front door by door of the house, walking with stealth, and a message to me to keep follow him quickly. Finally arrived in front of a home car garage. Then it vituperation side. Miaow, whistle from his mouth, as something satisfied him. In this occasion, I asked him:[Why do we need cursed like this? ]

He said: [Did you see the man is holding nail puller and a basket?]

[Look.] I response.

[Good, if you can see!  How if he saw us, at least we will be hitting dead and oils fried, you know! ]

[ Oil Fried ?, he! So even this street does not belong to us as well? We could not eat, even want be eat by people! ]


Fortunately, at that time, people have been taking out the trash in front of door. I went looking for, from a pile one by one to another, but still a great disappointment. I only found two or three bones without flesh, besides that it also has ever brushed by ash. Until now, I just know that the richness contained in the liquid droplets on fresh meat!

My old colleagues tomcat looking in crapy really like an artist. It took me to the stacks and stacks of others, with a relaxed, continue until dawn just stopped.

Now I’ve held nearly ten hours of cold drizzling rain, no body parts that do not shiver sec-secant. Ah! Damn street!  Damn Freedom ! how much I miss it back into the jail ! 

The sky is bright, Old tomcat saw me was going to fall down, then it change manner of speaking and asked me:

[ Have you enough with this kind of life? ]

[Ah, already enough ! ] I quickly said.

[Are you going home? ]

[Of course! But which could still find my home again? ]

[You’re coming with me. Yesterday morning, when you came out, I’ve been thinking, the fat cats, big ears and scalp much fat as you, not worthy of the happiness of the freedom that was born out of adversity. I know where your home, I take you up to the front door only. ]

Honest old tomcat just threw a few simple short words. When we got to the front door, he said to me:[Bye! ] Without showing slightest farewell sad feeling.

I exclaimed: [No! We both should not be finished like this. You can come with me to get into. I share a bed, flesh with your and enjoy together. The hostess kindly …..]

It did not wait for me finish talking. straight cut and it said:[Shut up! Stupid figure !  I Know that in your comfort zone, I could die. Luxury life as you enjoy, was delicious needs of such a kind of half-breed cat. Cats that are free are not willing to sacrifice freedom in the prison life just for swapping by the sake, meat, soft and feather pillow ….. Good-bye! ]

It climbed back onto the roof of the house. I looked up saw its back shadow, skinny figure and big, Matching combined with the rising sun each other.

I entered the house, your aunt took a broom to beat me, I also sufferance and accept it with sincerity and a sense of joy. I really received this cursory joy and warmth of this torture. When he hit me, I’ve been back to a nice dream, that after she was hit, then the next, she would give me to eat meat.

You see, —- my cat in front of a fire stove, moderately elongate to supple its body, conveying its conclusion —– true happiness and heaven, was to take a hit and held captive in a house that contained meat.

What I talked was the story about a cat.


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