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There is a crazy drink guy, his life is always in a state of semi-conscious and half drunk, he was also very miserly. One day, he went out, invited to drink, but the wine cool, then he asked the waiter warmed first. At the same time, some one come to him wants to borrow money for treatment, he immediately refused. turn there was a sellers offering wine, he dont think anymore, immediately purchased... »

practical sales

practical sales

A shoes businessman had sandal in many stock unsold. Goods are strong but the model out of trendy. practically impossible  to be sold anymore in the local market, so he tries to market abroad. .He sent a senior Marketting doing servey to Africa. After spending the cost and time, several countries visited, sales marketting   back to the boss and is reporting :”It’s hard, boss, just fo... »


Presented to the people who often complain, always blames others and circumstances, life was less happy. Bit and a little also calculated, small problems become big problems. Self looking headache, nothing born to be there are.  Straight and crooked, Right or wrong never finish and endless. Man trapped by circumstances threshold. Phenomenon born from the heart. Able to accept and accommodate ot... »



A Teenage boy saw his friend buy new shoes, he was very envious. He knew that his mother would not buy for him as since toddler, he has not father , he live with mother from child was clearly the constraints of their parents financial , just to pay school fees for his education has been very hard. Think of little hope, he no spirit to go to schoolThen he became moody, reticent, lazy learning. Thin... »


A pair of rooster and hen were  brought by people from rural to urban. Hen very glad.” Aha, I finally came to the big city, this is the dream i have waiting for along before”. The roosters do not agree. “We have good living in the village, why willingly brought by strangers into a strange place?” Rooster said with worried. They live comfortably in the city, the food is ver... »

Cooperation Planting Rice

Two brothers working together to plant, when the rice is ripe and ready for harvest, the two brothers counsel together to discuss the share. Older brother said: “I want the top, you take the bottom.” younger brother protested and said: “That’s so unfair.” The older brother then said: “Later next year, you get opportunity take the top, I take the bottom. Then be ... »


SEVEN STEPS DISTICH is a short story whose meaning is very helpful for people who have a bad temper . Long ago there was a rich man, marry a beautiful girl. He was very satisfied and love the newly married wife. So unfortunately, he watched closely her activity . Although she had become his wife, he is still afraid someone else could be hidden try seduce her.  Everyone who came to visit the house... »



WHO CAN ? Anyone can choose the cradle? Who, may choose  the condition to live in the world?   Who could resist death? Joy and sorrow, met and parted in life, a history of fighting success or failure, or those living with a serene peaceful passing through life, or painting purple rainbow colors live , all of it will pass in the blink of an eye, when the music is finished indicating the partyR... »

put on airs

Put on airs There was a poor scholar, wearing only a coat of winter clothes to go visit friends. A friend said: “Today was so cold, why do you only wear a coat?” He did not want to say that he was poor, even said: “I have a heat illness,” His friends know he was lie, and he was invited to play until late at night, then allow him to rest in the gazebo. He was cold and not ta... »

The Other side

The Other side   Author : AK.CHANDRA »

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