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A&Q of 5 Elemen

Few frequently asked questions about the science of five elements 1 What is 情” qing ” ? Answer: 情( qing ) refers to the nature of relationship between 5 elements of the heavenly trunk in discrete with  the other elements . Because each element has it’s each different properties , then the heavenly trunk will be among the stem there are indications of differences in level of ... »

The secret book of “Ba-zi” ( page 2 )

Yin(寅) Mao (卯) were: from jia 甲 yi 乙 split heaven and earth again ,  based on jia yi to split yin-yang(陰陽),  then jia was yang, yi was yin. it mean wood active in heaven be  actors of yin-yang. while based on yin(寅) mao (卯) split yin-yang, yin (寅) was yang and mao (卯) was yin. which were actors of wood active on earth. Along as jia-yi and yin-mao split yin-yang, so jia-yi wa... »

The secret book of “Ba-zi” ( page 1 )

 THE CORRECT ANNOTATE OF ZI PING Translate by AK.Chandra. Moo-ci.com                                                   Moo-ci.com The key to know human fortune most acurate in the world. The genuine explication about book of “zi-ping”. This book have been wrote almost a thousand more years ago. Not easy to get, and not easy to read or understand, even chi... »


Basic condition of human existence is to have five elements. As long as we know the concept of the five elements, and then express it in a clear meaning. then everything will become clear. 1. Fire. symbolizes the heat. Human survival need light and heat. Dark and cold conditions is not the habitable place. The human body is the same, cold body indicates shrinkage and deterioration. Life was no war... »