Far at the time “-chun qiu” * and the book “Tao Te Ching” by Lao Tzu had offended yin and yang. The theory of yin and yang has penetrated into all aspects of traditional Chinese culture, including religion, philosophy, calendar, calligraphy, architecture geomancy, fortunes telling.ect. Now many people are aware of the yin and yang, there are many people who are satisfied wi... »

Metaphisic 1

The other side of the unknown The evolution of environmental and growing conditions in the world of material practical  known and understood by human cognitive, often not according to reason based on experience dogmatic explanation. For example, a person from childhood had received a good education and sufficient, should have a good quality of life also in the future. In fact, of the many classma... »

Tai-ji 1

Tai-ji 1

Tai Chi is an important concept in the history of Chinese thought, mainly inherited from the “yi-ching”: “yi-ching say: Tai Chi born two appearances, astrotech born four images, four images born eight “Gua” [format]  Tai-chi is an integral. astrotech is : Yin and yang Yin-yang is : A division or subdivision of the “unity of opposites or contradictory relati... »

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