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Humans rely on sensory information to get a sense of “sight, hearing, smell, foretaste, touch”, the five senses and their information managers make six awareness for people to get to know this world. In the corridor relying on the capacity and six conscious senses to obtain so limited material and environmental activitie information, whether or not assisted tool, to setting human exist... »

Macro period numeral (2)

Segmentation of yin-yang, 6th yang in Macro numeral period     »


Yin-yang time-segmen in a-day Although in general,  the active period of people’s life is start from morning while sunrise to evening. and rest from evening until next day morning, but the science of Yin-yang which stipulates that starting from 11:00 pm to 11:00 am  is manifest of  yang, after 11:00 AM until 23:00 in night is manifest of yin. This provision is not based on this kind of es... »





Social progress in our present life time , actually is one of the natural segment of a continuous process. The difference only lies in the segment of the macro-period of the earth that we live in is currently in a period which happens to be in the position leader-replacement between yin and yang. In a matter of macro-numerical . “Yang” was nearly ending it’s rule, and then switch... »


Far at the time “-chun qiu” * and the book “Tao Te Ching” by Lao Tzu had offended yin and yang. The theory of yin and yang has penetrated into all aspects of traditional Chinese culture, including religion, philosophy, calendar, calligraphy, architecture geomancy, fortunes telling.ect. Now many people are aware of the yin and yang, there are many people who are satisfied wi... »

Tai-ji 1

Tai-ji 1

Tai Chi is an important concept in the history of Chinese thought, mainly inherited from the “yi-ching”: “yi-ching say: Tai Chi born two appearances, astrotech born four images, four images born eight “Gua” [format]  Tai-chi is an integral. astrotech is : Yin and yang Yin-yang is : A division or subdivision of the “unity of opposites or contradictory relati... »

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