Characteristics Analysis of Yin-Yang

The sun can be used as a supreme symbol of “yang” in the universe

3D-Sun-RisingAll creatures and plants on earth rely on the provision of solar heat, so it gets a chance to live. If there is no solar radiation, the Earth will be a dark, cold and lifeless. Beings can not survive, of course, is also for humans.

Sunlight transmitted through the pulse wave propagates into the sky and reaches to the ground, one yang follow by yin, from weak to strong, from strong to weak again and again. The synchronization of the earth to follow the method of  yin and yang, that created the rotation, one side faced to  sun, while the other side back to the sun, and therefore  all creatures on the earth felt day and night. Thus alternate of one yang one yin continues, day after day, year after year. in such away to millions of years.

matahari dan bumi

Humans also follow the rhythm of the universe’s yin-yang, inhale and exhale, as one cycle, yinyang pulse rate conduct throughout body by meridians. From a small collection of cells to a large body of people, from infants to the elderly anddying, all originated from one yang and one yin continued alternately, move through the process in such a way to grow, age and die quietly. Every one Yang and yin is one cycle. From morning to night, from young to old, from one yang then end up in yin. Which yang preceded, and followed by Yin.


Talking Yang physically, Yang was large and tall, yin was small and low. [References to sun]

In terms of quality: yang no shape, lightweight, yin have shape and the materiality heavier.

So yang Looks great but does not materially greatness. Yin is small but physically does not feel small.

The things is that, yang like the sun, the spiritual man, the mind, fame is an invisible huge. larger then yin even though yin have heavier weight, solid but whatever yin has the physical size limitations. 

middle-aged man with a great body and tall, but less vitality than older children whose bodies are smaller. Prestige of man can reach for tens of thousands of miles. while the physical body fatness does not exceed half a meter, tall will not be higher than two and a half feet.

comparison: Yang and Yin characteristics

Yang: large, tall, warm, bright, light, mainstream, not real, benefactors.

YIN: small, low, cold, dark, heavy, companion, real. acceptor.

In phenomenon watching techniques, Feng Shui, or human nature,  we watching the yang side, just observe his charisma. watching the yin side, just look at his physique. combine information from yinyang both sides, make explaination of  the phenomenon be easy and clear.


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