Time is something that can not be back and can not be relied upon. When recently I said, it had quietly slipped away. people who said earlier was no longer me. I was me who are at this moment. Because only this time, I just feel real, alive and exist. I mean yesterday, a few years ago, or the former is no longer me, because he has become a thing of the past. Ago has become the past, however do not care to talk, the past can not be pursued again. All the words will only be in vain.


Today, it is the happiest moment. Regard- less of we are in what  condition, at least we are still able to feel the value of existence.

Tomorrow, the future, do not know and can not say. Also do not know how much time they can be calculated. Then respect now, this moment, is the most realistic.


When you can live in harmony with the people around, you should try as much as possible to appreciate it. Is being a bad temper, many complain, even hostile fight, you have to remember, time is something virtual. As the time passed, all will be quiet again. As if there was never any incident. Just left a note in the history of life, like footprints documented in every human life journey.

Looked to the past, hurricanes, and heavy rain, sweet and bitter, but are there any pieces of memories how we ought to keep hold? Even so, the memories of the past still fun. Beautiful. Beautiful because it has been passed. Is that something has gone just beautiful? People who can not appreciate the present, the future will only live in endless regret. People do not love the time, the fight capital is being squandered his life. later life is only a piece of white paper. People who understand the rewards, not just only appreciate the time. Because every time certainly will flies. We could not have asked for more time to walk more slowly, or invoke the time pass more quickly. But cherish our relationships. Because humans are sentimental  and emotion creatures,.

People really just need a genuine word from you. a humor word, a sweet smile. a funny movement, a word of greetings, sayings attention, that’s all. Can make those around feel comfortable, warm, happy, laugh, smile, then at that moment you are not at futile period. This is the meaning of respect, love. Because people can not continue to maintain the current. That moment will pass away quickly too. But when you have managed to do so at that time, do what should and should you do, then it will make your life feel have substance. Understanding what the name suggests the value of life. Daily life will be brilliant and full of meaning unwittingly. There glad untold.



Life is an art, no other like enjoy tea aroma, fragrant and elegant taste sweetness within bitter slightly. Provide comments and assessment of what is done instantly. Cherish each matchmaking relationships, able to vacate the chest and increases the tolerance, then the man will find his true identity. Make the  person next living in reality. (Not a dream), no complaints, hate, no regrets.

Phenomenon born from the heart. Threshold of life will turn by follow the mood. Happy or miserable, actually is an option. “Tao” [the law of life] is not another case just like this.






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