High level expert …….a madam share her’s earn money way

High level expert ………. How a madam earn money                                                       
In manager’s room  of a bank,   a handsome and young manager smiling broadly , warmly welcomed to his customers , a  65 years old fashionable women, please her to sit down.
” madam X , how are you , welcome to our Bank , you definitely somewhere else get a fortune, now wants deposit again here , is my guess right ?
” Oh , Excellent , you are great , It seem you know I could get a fortune today.
It was amazing , no wonder those people outside praise you despite you are young age , but did not lose with a senior , in a very short time , you are able to get a high position in the company, it is not easy .
as you said before , I come to here want deposit my money “
The old woman was a VIP customer , funds in her’s account is big enough , she did not come to surrender but oppositely she frequently add funds again. Bank operations rely heavily on capital which from stable deposits by customers like an old woman ‘s . However , information on the identity of the customer indicates she has no family , alone in the world , there is no fixed profession . in the heart of the managers always wondered  actually how she could get a huge profit in a short time , what did her profession ? but were afraid to ask . because these relate to customer privacy .
It seems that the old woman saw the look on the confusion face of  manager , instead she asked: ” How do , Do you have trouble accepting submissions for my deposit ? Or less safe ? “
” No, no , absolutely safe ! You are our VIP customer, I have an obligation to protect and provide offer the greatest advantage when you deposits here . you have a lot of luck from here and there, the money keeps flowing in, we are very grateful you believe our Bank , we must be careful to maintain and develop your money , which I feel amazed and confused was not understand what tips were madam’s  using for profitable.”
” Oh , that apparently makes you confused .
 I never went to school , let alone college , does not know how to do business . Not like you have extensive knowledge and has the power in the company . I make money just by playing games . not serious,
Do you still want to know ? “

” If you not mind , may sharing , I’m willing to hear it . ” Manager was quietly happy , waiting for information that became ” secret ” of mistress reveals herself . how to ” fool around ” can make a lot of money ?

“Come here , I do not want the walls have ears , heard by outsiders . “
Then , the manager quickly shifted his body closer , almost attached old woman’s  body.  Madam whispering to manager :
” To make money , my method is very simple , if you want , simply obey what I tell , if you like, I guarantee now instantly you can get 1000 US. $ . ” she said .
” how? ” manager asked slowly .
The old woman said a word . After hearing the manager said : ” just so simple ? ” Little doubt in his heart, did not believe
” Yes , as simple as that . You willing to do ? “
” OK – ! Deal , I do . ” Then the manager hugged the madam’s waist and kissed her lips .
With this way , in just a few seconds , managers has got one thousand dollars .
furthermore , manager processes madam’s deposits.
Before leaving , the manager could not help but ask to madam: ” You have no reason to lose a thousand dollars , how can to get the money , don’t you just spend the money ? “
” Oh , young man , you really do not know or pretend do not know ,I Iose a thousand dollars here , but I ‘ve won nine thousands dollars out side there. “
Managers get  surprise and aware , this woman’s career is ” gamble ” . a thousand dollars that he earned actually was  his services so the bet be win. Young and handsome manager could kiss old grandmother is evidence to” win bet ”
” Thank you for the pleasant cooperation , manager ! I brought ten thousand dollars cash today already convinced that I would have won, 9000 dollars is sure to be mine , you have helped me make sure to depositing 9000 dollars into my account . Goodbye ! “
Managers see the women’s face more radiant than when she came .
expert ! she deserves called a high-level experts . because she does have the advantages of others. Manager secretly applaud, he has learned the first valuable lesson outside the university

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