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Every day learn TWO words, then 360 days a year, gotten to know 720 words, if you have memorized 1000 words more, you can read the newspaper.

Learning is a process that requires time. so, just relax, the important is not to stop. make learning chinese become fun, not forced, SO not felt at future, you are also able to speak chinese.

Well come learnning !

Several details to note:

1.   The lessons start from an easy fit with the order. beginners are encouraged to start from no.1.

2.   Chinese lessons not only recognize letters, understand its meaning, but also must be able to speak. 

3.   For learn to hear the accent, participants can input the words into google-translet. Select the chinese language, then click the speaker. [Speaker should on stand-by / in active potition].

4.   Providing books, learning to write line by line of each letter. This indicates you learn with seriously, in the same time on writing, indirectly also remember the word.

5.  The accents speak mandarin is very important, for that we need to know the accent”signs” indicated. Because the different letters with diferent meanning will have the same of sound, it is be distinguished by accents talk. For example: the sound of  “WO”, 我, meaning “I”. 握 also reads “WO”, but means the handheld. However WO (i) a low tone, WO (handheld)have a flat tone. The success of learning mandarin especially in oral communication, is often determined by one’s ability to speak with the right accent first, then the use of the word. if not, chinese man do not understand what you say, though you’ve say the right sound.  

6. Unlike the Latin form of the alphabet, chinese called  rectangular box letters, because each the letters have a meaning. and the letter has it’s essence basically. Various letters developed by the essence. It allows us to learn and put the word in its proper place.

For example: 扌, is the word to mean “hand”. Such as “WO”[in mean handheld] above, has this side, it’s mean this word is a category of the side-letter of “hand” (.手 字 旁.).  

 握,  we know handheld needed a hand, so there was “扌”, “扌” on the side of word can not stand alone. therefore the side-letter was also part of the chinese’s words that should be known when we learnning. though it doesn’t appear in any writing. 

 7.   To facilitate learning, we select the “pin-ying” as a guide “sound” each word. as well as to be the  input method of computer,  in Microsoft Word, from others chinese language input type. 

8.    Although aided by pin-ying, but  truly able to be  well mandarin master, we recommend not overly relying on “pin-yin” or a side-note to the letter as a guideline “sound” with any your mother tongue, you should be able slowly get to know those letters immediately without looking any tool. this real successful in speakng chinese. 

 9. As we said before, relax course, you should learn the language naturally, you remember the letter and how to “read” it by spontaneously without thought. it has succeeded. no need remember much on te first time, but need the right way and dissolved to be part of yours automatic.communiation tool.

10. because you learn from the internet without a tutor directly, then you need to do some manual assistance, especially google translet as a tool, and we will start from the first page with the help of this tool. make sure you have no problem in using google translet.But keep in mind that google translet was not teaching tool. it was just a tool for help. The results of the letter and the sentence translation, even sound still needs verification.

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