Little angel which makes chinese people all over the world and internet cry.

She is a beautiful little girl, her name she-yan,
she has a pair of black shining eyes, plain and Cheerful. She was an orphan, living in this world for only eight years, the words of the last living in the world is “I’ve ever come, I’m not naughty.””she was hoping to die in the fall, slender body and slim like the withering of a blooming flower, When yellow flowers scattered along the road, leaves falling and spinning in the middle of the air, she can look like a  row of geese transverse in the sky prepare go away to far.She voluntarily relinquish her RIGHT to be treated, distribute amounting funds of 700thousand yuan  (Roughly one hundred thousand dollars), donations from chines people around the world, into seven parts, considers her soul as cake-hope that was distributed to each of the seven childhood friends who were wrestling in the line of death.
I voluntarily release my treatment right.
Since birth she has no idea who was her father and mother, she only knew a “father” who adopt her. 30 November 1996, or October 20 lunar years, the adoptive father named “you-she-shi”, At yong-xing village, shen-jia-chong (street name),  was the time found the newborn in the bushes beside the small bridge, already freezing almost dying, found a small piece of paper inserts chest that read: “October 20 at 12 pm.”
she-shi-you who live in the city Sa-yun xing village sub-yai Shuangliu, Sichuan province, which at that time was 30 years old, because the family was poor so difficult to find a mate, if you want to adopt these children, perhaps more difficult even no one girl longer are willing proposed to enter into his house.
Staring at a crying baby, whimpering like a little cat in his arms, she-shi-you how many times release but was embraced again, after going then turn around again. the entire body of this little soul had been chills and crying voice is getting weaker. If nobody care any time of her life was no exist again ! He bit his teeth hard, complain and said: “what I ate, you also follow me eat ! o k? ” Shi-you give his baby named She-yan, because she is a child born after the fall harvest season.
Role being a father, without a mother’s care of, unable to buy milk powder, had given the baby porridge water, therefore since she-yan was little, her body weak and also  lots of sick. Even so, she was very agile and  full of understanding.7e0_336a97a9_397c_4633_a7c7_f8a8e95a6c0b_0

Spring away and back, like a little flower that grows on bitter caned, day by days she-yan are growing increasingly large. Extraordinarily clever and pious, Obedient, all the neighbors said this picked up girl had very high IQ. They are very happy with her. Although since she was little had a lot of sick , she-yan finally growing up in feelings of anxiety and
apprehensive of his father.

Child who met an unfortunate fate really was different, since the age of 5 years, she has been helping for divide her father homework, from washing clothes, cooking, cut the grass, she was doing well everything. She understands herself is not the same with the neighbor children, other children there are daddy and mammy. At home only she and daddy. While these households should be supported with dad together.she must be very pious and Obedient, not make daddy slightest bit worried and angry.
It was time to enter elementary school, She-Yan realizes she must diligently pursue progress, to be first winner, an illiterate daddy at home  would be proud, she proved it, never make him upset. She singing to her father’s heard. She talked each funny incident at school one by one, to her father knew. Sticking with carefully any earned awards red flower on wall. sometimes ask a difficult and Naughty questions to her father
…….. Every time she saw her father smile on the face, in her heart secretly pleased: “although I can not like other children there are mammy and daddy, but I can live with daddy so excited, I also feels happy.”

Starting in May of 2005, she frequently nosebleeds. One morning, when she-yan want  to wash her face, Unexpectedly, a bucket of clear water turn red, after investigation, she turns her nose flowing fresh blood, can not stop with any ways. she’s desperate, she-shi-you take her to Medical Clinics at the village for an injection, but from injection pinhole, blood also going out without being able to stop. Thigh also appears many “red spots,” said the doctor, “immediately taken to the big hospital for hospitalization”. Arrived in  city Hospitals Chengdu, exactly when the consultation visit was at its height time, she does not get a queue number. Sitting alone on the couch, covering her nose, blood still falling down forming two threads, one red colored floor areas. she felt sorry. Forced to find a chamber pot to accommodate the blood, n
ot until 10 minutes, blood was also fill a half pot! There was a doctor who saw it, he immediately takes the child away diagnose. After Diagnose, doctor immediately open emergency notification disease. she’s got a  ” acute leukemia “disease! This  requires a very expensive medical costs,  generally need 300,000 yuan disease costs ! She-Shi-you just momentarily dumbfounded.
Witnessing his daughter in bed, he could not think too much, he had only one intention: to save his daughter! He begin borrowed here and there, through family and friends, but not sufficient, and it is too far from the 300,000 figure, he decided to sell the only home his hut. But because the house is too old, can not find a buyer in a short time.
A pair of blue eyes watched her father, exhausted and face  increasingly shrinking skinny, his face is full of grief and sorrow. then, slowly she-Yan grasped his hand, before she said, the tears were floow out first: “Daddy, I want to die ……”, she said with sob.
Her father was surprised: “What, you’re just 8 years old, so why want to die?”
“I was just pick-up doll, everyone says
that lowly fate like this, could not carry disease. Let me out of hospital ……”
June 18, eight years age She-yan represents her illiterate parents, were  signed the form herself in history of treatment pages, with DECLARATION she-yan  voluntarily WAIVE THE treatment  RIGHT, which is a medical procedure in the hospital.

8 years old girl set dead preparation herself.wubqian8

After returning home in the same day, She-yan since child to now have never asked anything to her father, this time she had two request to her father : she wants to wear new clothes, then photographed, and she explained to her father: “in futher days if I was not there, if you miss me, then you can see from the photograph.”
The next day, her father ask her aunt accompanied her to go to the market, spent 30 yuan She-Yan bought two sets of new clothes, She-Yan herself choose shorts and pink short-sleeved shirt. While her aunt pick out a white dress speckled with red flower, so try wearing in her body and she was not to release it again. Three persons came to the studio, She-Yan wearing new pink clothes, set up a second finger V sign, trying to smile, but finally could not hold back tears and fall as well.
8BShe no longer afford to go to school, she stood alone in front of the old village, carrying bag on the street, her eyes are always wet. If it was not a journalist “Chengdu Evening News,” She-Yan already like a leaf that falls slid down, silently drifting down from the wind unnoticed.Journalists aunt acquire state of the hospital, wrote an article report, explore with detailed history of She-yan.
Then, with the title “8-years-old adjust piously herself to death” spread quickly in the town hall, Cheng-du has been sensation, the internet also sensation, many city dwellers sad and sorry for this poor child. From corner of Cheng-du  throughout the country, even to the international world, the real world and the virtual, one and other interaction, All kind-people start collecting donations in order to help this little one’s life! a voice “Social harmony” echoed in the depths of every human being. Not long Within ten days are, charitable grant from Chinese society around the world have gathered in excess of 560 thousand yuan! surgical costs is sufficient. Light of hope to live again from small She-yan smoldering burnt back by the love of all people! Even committee to receive donations announcement states have stoped, donations from various corners still continues unabated flow coming.
Now, all is ready in cash. Doctors also are ready to make a maximum effort,  medical hardship one by one and step by step smoothly passed too. Everyone waiting patiently for a successful smiling day. A member wrote a comment on the internet: “She-yan, my dear child, I hope you can get well and healthy out of the hospital. Pray to you smoothly go back to school, hoping you could grow up safely. I can say with happy that I imagined to accompany you undergo to the ceremony of marriage, She-yan, girl I love …. “
June 21, She-yan who have been let go the authority to be treated and go home is waiting for her death to be picked up again to run Surgery at Chengdu city, she was treated at Children’s Hospital. Existing funds, weak soul has got a reason and hope to continue again.She-yan had received chemotherapy treatment that difficult to hold. in the Glass room, She-Yan infusion lying in bed, placed near the head of the bed was a chair, a plastic basin there on the chair, she temporary leans to vomit, a little girl’s fortitude to make people surprised. The main doctor who handles her,Ming Xu explained that the chemotherapy phase, Digestion channels can cause severe reactions, she-yan in the beginning is often throw up half a bucket, but she did not let out a little sound as well. even hospital admission a biopsy, to puncture the rear  bone to take marrow, she did not cry, do not scream, do not drain the slightest tear. Not move anyway, just kept quiet.0000131329_b
Since She-yan birth until hospital admission, she never received the attention of a mother. When the doctors ask: “she-yan, so be my daughter, ok?”, Hear the word, She-Yan tears in her eyes. Seen tears well up.
 Next day, when Dr. Xu-Ming came to her bed, She -Yan call with shy: “mammy Xu”.  Xu-Ming get suprise for a moment, then smiled broadly, sweetly replied: “My dear daughter ..”. and hugged her.
Everyone is also waiting for a miracle happens, everyone is hoping with hope when She-Yan gain life back. Many residents of the town came to hospital to see her, they want to see she-yan, on the internet too, many online users ask how this poor child currently condition. Hers Soul has made a world that was alien and cold now is scattered back be warm and bright light.During that time, the hospital room stacked full of fruits and flowers, every where flowers scattered fragrant aroma and pleasant.

Chemotherapy process has been running for two months, She-yan has successfully passed nine times “critical line”, shock type inflammation, sepsis, hemolysis, gastrointestinal bleeding …… each time the luck to survive from danger. The concept of chemotherapy designed and verified together by the Children local provinces state to the country level hematology experts authorities, the results are quite good., “Leukemia” 
itself has been fully able to control! Everyone is waiting and hoping she-yan for good news healing.
However, after the impact of the use of chemotherapy drugs cause complications is very terrible. While compared with many other children who are also suffering from leukemia, She-Yans’s physical substance was far worse. After having this surgery, her body more weakened again.
August 20 morning, she asked Fu Yan (journalist): “Auntie, please tell me, why would they want to give a donation to me?”
“Because they all are c
ompassionate people.”
“Aunt, I also want to be one of the compassionate person .”
“Surely you are also the virtuous person
. good-hearted people who can Always help each other and help each other. Then they would be kin
She-Yan slowly take out her math exercise books from under the pillow, handed over to Fu Yan: “Auntie, this is my will ……”
3Fu Yan surprised, quickly opened it, it seems really small She-yan wills, who manage the affairs after she died. a child’s age is only 8 years old, lying in bed with a pencil to write a three-page “message after death.“As a child who is too small, some words also can not write, and there is a typo, Scanning through her’s writings that allegedly indirectly finished writing in one day, has been divided into six segments. At the beginning of “Fu-Yan aunt” and ends with “Aunt Yan Fu-bye”, the whole article, ” Fu Yan aunt” or “auntie Fu” appears seven times in total, there are nine times as the reporter calls “Auntie.” Behind 16 call, all was the message delivered after she left in this world, and the desire she expressed gratitude and saying “good-bye” to all the people who pay attention to her through the medium of relief journalists.
” aunt, Yan Fu aunt, my father’s house was about to collapse. Daddy do not be mad, do not jump from the top of the attic. Aunt Fu you please keep my father well. Aunt, money for treatment I give a little to the school, thanks aunt later that want to convey to the chairman of the Red Cross, “after I die, divide the rest of my money to those who suffer from sick as I, though they may recover back …….”This wills, making Yan Fu aunt saw up to a shower of tears, sobbing.
佘艳 imageI have EVER COME, I behave well.
August 22, due to ga
strointestinal bleeding, She-yan has been almost a month could not eat, She-yan whose life is only supported by fluid infusion, first “steal eat,” she broke a piece of instant noodles into her’s mouth. Soon turned out to become heavy gastrointestinal bleeding, the doctors and nurses gave emergency blood transfusion, infusion Watching She-yan …… can not stand pain, suffering, doctors and scribes nurses crying, everyone is willing to share her suffering, however, has done a variety of way still to no avail.
the age is only 8 years She-yan, still finally release the torment disease,she quietly left. everyone can not accept this reality: “little Angel” is pure like water, like poetry, whether Is she go to another world? journalists Fu-yan stroked small she-yan’s face gets cold, weeping uncontrollably, there was nothing to call her aunt again, could not sound out of laughing again …..An aged man lungs slowly: “My daughter, you are my came from heaven little Angel, Unpack your wings, fly with beautiful …”
On 26 August, her funeral was in the drizzling rain, the burial place attached hers smile picture,

The upfront tombstone is
ten: “I’VE EVER COME, I didn’t NAUGHTY (30.11.1996. – 08.22.2005)”
They will abide – small She-yan’s message, there is still a residual 540.000 yuan medical expenses are considered donations and abandoned hers life to other children who are also suffering from leukemia. The seventh child each were: Xinlin, xu-li, huang-Zhiqiang, liu-linlu, zhang-yujie, gao-jian, wang-jie. The seven poor children, the oldest is the 19th age, the youngest was aged 2th, everyone is very difficult economic circumstances, poor children are struggling underlined of death.
24 september, the first girl that received donations from the life, she named xu-yan-li doing successful surgical at the hospital Hua-xi, her face a pale smile:
“I have received gift of your life, thank you sister She-yan, you surely see us in heaven, quietly, one day we all too will written scratches on tombstone: “I’ve ever come, I didn’t naughty ….……”  919297273938561952          16佘艳
Text Meaning in Video:
 Sansation original story. [I’ve come, I’m not naughty]  At hers tombstone also written the text.
[I’ve come, I’m not naughty]
 She was born did not know hers biological father and mother, there was only “father” who adopted her. she only lives 8 years in this world.
 Photo: She-yan first tried to use a bottle of milk.
 She-yan looked happy for gift given by many people.
 Although hers hand infused, she still remained active learning, making homework.
 Active learning, so that when I grow up able to return the favor to you.
 She-yan smile look at the article about her in the newspapers.
 Pictures when She-yan release RIGHT to be treatment, at the last moment before died. (Bitter smile)
 She-yan agree should cure the illness. (she will be according to and collaboration)
 There was a daddy who accompany growing up.
 In the simple cubicles tidying obtained donation.
 hair loss untill bald after undergoing chemotherapy.
 Physician affection for her with carefully.
 She-yan innocent and understanding!
 The soul is like a small flower.
 The last contact between fathers who take care her with She-yan.
 She-yan last face in the world.
 Staring relic of She-yan.
  Accompany She-yan’s last trip.
 grief can no longer be detained.
 last homage.
 In the past of this life she has been feel the warmth of the world.
Little girl, Rest in peace heaven there thee will be more beautiful.
 I’ve come, I’m not naughty
 Text written on the tombstone:
Who lie here was an aged 8 little girl.-She-yan.
Newborn has been
Abandon. a village citizen she-shi-you adopt her.
Ages 8 years got leukemia, from chengdu to the whole country, the whole world, nearly tens of thousands of good-hearted people have collected nearly 700 thousand yuan in medical expenses …..
In her lifetime, has felt the warmth of the world.
The little girl, please rest in peace! Heaven there thee will look more beautiful.
 On behalf of all layers of the general public, (this video) is made as a contribution to the understanding and close to our hearts of She-yan, as well as She-shi-you who have adopted her.

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