Number, learn chinese language pages[1]

Number :

1       2       3       4       5        6       7       8       9      10

一     二     三      四     五       六     七      八     九     十

yi            er            san          si            wu             liu            qi            ba           jiu           shi

Above spelling are“han yu pin yin”, which in chines dictionary, to be input method for chinese characters in the computer.
It should be noted that there are several letters han yu pin yin sound different with 
Pronunciation of english
For example:

” i ” sound like ” e ” in english.

er, sound like “al” in sound ” Altogether”.

san, sound like “sun” .

si, ” i ” in “si” sound like “e” in words “certainly”in english.(without r and tainly)

wu, sound near woo in english.

liu, “i” sound “e” in english.

qi, q sound ch in english, “i” sound “e”.

ba, b sound “p” , “a” sound “under” without “nder”.  like “papa” asian people call dady.

jiu, j sound cheque without eque, ” i” sound “e “,

Shi, sound like she, but turn “e” sound be “a”  ( “a” sound in a man, a girl..)

So the best way to know the ‘sound” of chinse word was learn the “han-yu-pin-yin” pronouncation.

Furthermore you can open new tab in web page, browse for google translet.

After you open translet pages, set the left side be english language and the right side be a chinese (simplified or traditional )

besure your computer is ready for sound.

now try type 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,8,10. ( don’t forget split with commas)

then appear at right,  in chinese language result, so you can click the icon of speaker at  below corner to hear how its sound.

pel1 google

try type with part like  7,8,9,10. or 8,7,6,5 and other usual serial with up and down direction, tranning you quickly understand when you listen a sound like ” wu” you know mean is five, ect.

example ; 1,2,3…..  7,8,9,…….4,3,2,1…..

If you not add commas, such as1234, 5678, or  4321, 8765 you will hear result include with hundred, thousand and other unit. ( about unit will learn in next lesson)

Furthermore you try type your mobile number, hear it. be sure it must be zero in front of it. zero = 零 ( ling ) . if your number is start from zero, so no need to add commas again.

= For telephon number or a serial number in certain application,, ‘1″ sometime sound yao in oral communitation especiallly in Asia regions. but this is not chinese official language.


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