Qigong and sport [1]

Qigong and sport [1]

qigong and sport [1]

Unlike the fitness or bodybuilding in general, qigong exercise is not aimed to strengthen muscles, not as strenuous exercise or who are tense, exciting like a sport that is competed for victory. qigong exercise is intended to train himself / exercise, as a sort of specialized training which systematically, to build overall body energy.

At the beginning level exercises, qigong is usually to improve the complaints contained in the body that may have a chronic illness, or correct body structure either through specialized physical training methods as well as methods of breathing exercises. At the subsequent level, the new increase overall physical fitness and physical strength through alignment of the chi force is controlled by some sort of “intent” in one’s mind. So the flowchart is heading out of the body, not from the outside toward the body. Although there are some exercises that require little physical effort, but all the exercises or tactics do not aim to build outside power, but rather to build the internal power. Therefore, some styles or qigong stance, when viewed from the perspective of outside power, is strange, as unreasonable. Because the training is not intended for self-defense or power to produce something like a spontaneous non-regular martial arts practice qigong. But after a workout to build strength in the body, in future, a practice that appears outside actually able to show the effects of fabulous energy.

Because of the training aimed at strengthening, then his own training method is also different from usual. Breathing exercises were used as the first program, is a movement that seeks to gather “chi” as much as possible, to serve as a source of power, which is an essential element driving (motoring) blood energy.

Unlike the sport, which its flowchart is from outside towards the inside, which requires the body to release energy, to fight with external challenges. For example, run, jump, or fast movements and tension, stimulate the heart to work harder, in order to circulate blood throughout the body, with the assumption, after the blood is able to circulate more smoothly than usual, energy will rise. The faster the frequency of heart pumping, then sooner the circulating blood circulation. The addition of blood circulation, which is triggered by the external load, which is faced by those concerned, in order to achieve the goal consciously or not, intentionally or unintentionally. (Unintentionally could take a sample, for example a person, suddenly chased by a dog). In the process of triggering blood circulation thus, will burn a lot of calories, while supply inadequate oxygen, or less sufficient in times of need. This causes the body’s metabolism is distorted, causing the effect of fatigue on the body after exercise, or physical movement is quite heavy.

For people who often doing exercise, is still able to deal with sudden events. Because in a short time, he was able to set up energy. But for those who rarely exercise, in the event of the case, as an example of the above, do not be said for a quick run, to save themselves. To lift his legs alone might be problematic. Startled, became limp and dodder, unable to move his legs even a step, when viewing a fierce dog approaching, spontaneous energy is not available! although he was conscious and knew what he had to do.

It is different for people who are used to practice qigong, because Chi energy has always been ready to use at any time. Chi have distribution throughout the body. For those who was master the science of qigong, master armor for example, a piece that falls to his body beam will bounce itself because chi is protecting his body automatically. His muscle looks mediocre, not great looking, but it is able to perform automatic defensive, which exceeds that of the big-muscled.

With force stemming from chi or respiratory science, qigong exercises do not spend a lot of effort, but the results optimal. After exercise, the energy was collected for ready-use. Because the principle of qigong is “turn the low input be high output”, meaning that with just a little supply, the output is very large. then this exercise makes a person feel fitter from morning to night, but do not spend a lot of energy.

So, the first benefit that can be derived from qigong practice, is that the body becomes healthier.

because the human body throughout the day more in a sitting position or standing, bearing a long time becomes elastic bone marrow, and bone marrow is not as much and as youth, organs that “rely” on the muscles surrounding the chest cavity and the abdominal muscles, is affected by Earth’s gravity, so there is a tendency hang down, supply energy blood of meridian (jing-luo) which lies scattered at spine side of body is not smooth,  causing organs that rests on the energy blood supply of the “jing” in obstacle. In the long term, the aging process will occur, secretly at organs in this body. As a result of strenuous exercise did not receive full support from them, because the body itself does not undertake to supply more energy, just by triggering the heart to work harder. Coercion will only invite the risk of fatal. Genesis aging, unnoticed by those whose age has been above 40th, including athletes, because their own organs in the body will not be able to detected theirs actual health condition of occurring ongoing physical aging process.

With this method of qigong exercises, strengthening organ in the body, not the usual way of exercising, which trigger the heart to work extra. But the energies that have been collected. In the early stages. Exercise gradually open circulatory pathway, which has been blocked, or substandard. Centered chi to flow toward the spine “Jing”, nerves that play a major role in the body from the tip of the penis that connects to the brain. or something like nerve fibers called horsetail. (huge numbers to countless, strewn along the spine.).

If you managed to make the blood circulation “jing” smoothly, “luo” (nerve branches that cross connect of jing, which horizontally around the chest and body), will go smoothly as well, eventually obtaining the relevant organs supply of adequate blood energy, will become active again. Thus if the main line in the body can be smoothly. So by itself, the whole body of the opportunity, to improved health naturally.

qigong technique is to use the “chi”, to be distributed to various organs and other parts of the body. to perform automatic healing, like a natural treatment of other living beings in the world, through the body’s circulatory system path, the guide is mostly done by traditional Chinese medical, including acupuncture, touch blood-point, breathing exercises etc.. and each has its different effective levels.

Thus, the second benefits of qigong exercises, is to make the body become stronger. especially starting from the organs in the body

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