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13 years old girl talking in UN by AK chandra - 01-13-2015

Motto of "Today" by Albert Zeng - 04-06-2014

High level expert .......a madam share her's earn money way by Albert Zeng - 03-31-2014
High level expert .......... How a madam earn money                                                        In manager's room  of a bank,   a handsome and young manager smiling broadly , warmly welcomed to his customers , a  65 years old
Beauty And A Beat by Albert Zeng - 12-13-2013
Beauty And A Beat" - Justin Bieber Back to chinese songs
Imagine Me Without You by Albert Zeng - 12-13-2013
Imagine Me Without You
Memory by Albert Zeng - 11-23-2013
Memory                                                                                                   Barbra
UNCHAINED MELODY by Albert Zeng - 11-15-2013
Righteous Brothers - UNCHAINED MELODY - GHOST
Difficult answer's problem by AK chandra - 09-17-2013
Seventeen  Fu gui treasure Fu 福 means lucky, Gui 贵 means Nobility, elegant . There was a farmer , he had three children . Farmer was very diligent , he worked hard all life, every day from morning to evening did not stop and no holiday . But
CHINESE LANGUAGE LESSON 1A ........... ABOUT NUMBERS by Albert Zeng - 08-30-2013
十,        Shi . [ read : se ]  ten . 百,        Bai . [ Read : pai ] HUNDREDS 千,       Qian [ Read : chien ] THOUSANDS 万,[萬]  Wan . TEN THOUSAND 十万     Shi - wan . [ Read : se - wan ] HUNDRED thousand 百万     Bai - wan [ read : pai -
From where we start by AK chandra - 08-27-2013
August Motto ......                   Where the way are? Sometimes looking at present time, viewing future, driven by feelings of confusion, do not know what to do. in this situation, the following sentence may help you to be settle.   Do not