SIX GOLDEN WORDS for LIFE [2] ending

The remaining three words written in the letter are: 不要 悔.

It means: “Do not regret”.


Indeed, the youth, who want to look for and what want to achieve, do not know the future will be success or not. Even if successful, he also never thought about anything. So the youth, chiefs know that is needed by young people, is “courage”. So he gave the word “do not be afraid”. In another sense is: just do it.

After going through a tough struggle, struggle in life, a person becomes an adult. Be experienced. His character has also been formed. Maybe life has also been established. Apart from his failure or success, it is not problematic. The important thing is: do not be regret. Due to “not be afraid”, he had fought it out. Except he did not wholeheartedly implement the spell words. Laziness, doubt, fear, maybe it could be curious.This young man was very firm, it follows the word “nothing to fear”, after he successful, and following the age, the mind also grown. But why did he feel bored and disappointed? Felt a loss?

Yes, young people who are already successful, after his target has been achieved,  the concentration for it have faded, not only that, the load also vanished. as someone who has been charged “energy”, to face the burden or challenge, after exciting fight, opponent during the time he devote his energy to fight it is conquered, then everyone can be like a deflated balloon, leaked its own energy.Not just retired soldier, a lot of people who fought in the business world also experienced frustration like this,


“Do not regret”, because all the achievements is the choice of the youth. And now, he is still there and have lots of choices. Most importantly, he understood.

The headman was able to predict two possibilities. The first is the boy failed. If he fails, then he will not return to the village. Because he knew his character, if he fails, he embarrassed again. Second is a successful young man. Once a person struggling in the long term and successful, there are two conditions that can arise. Which to One, people no satisfaction, and want a more successful again. If this happens, before he was satisfied or fail again until exhausted. There will not remember back to the village.When at one point, he was satisfied and want to return to the village, it would have been off his”burden”. When he let go of his burden, feeling that arises is “the future” is unclear, confusing . Since he had never experienced such a new situation. He thinks every day is a matter for “struggling”. he’ve Never faced a situation “peace” or lose a challenge opponents.For a fighter, the most suffering is not a strong opponent, but there is no opponent that can be invited to fight again.

Not accustomed to someone who has been trained and accustomed to the situation tense and alert every minute. Throughout the day and year. Now should be relaxed. In fact, each one never stops learning to face life, people always adjust the circumstances, at any time, no matter the load increase or the load off. Each person is a good driver of the life vehicle . That should take care, though the course flat and free of obstacles. This young man now he was no longer young. With the intelligence that had been gathered from his experience, he realized, which runs in front, also a “new challenge”. Challenges in pulmonary aged, battle without the smell of gunpowder, the attitude of “casual”, much different than before. And so on it, and so on. He does not see it as disarming strength, but rather, he sees this as a new challenge, as he knew, then he smile …

.Up here, I complete 6 spell this word pair, also with 6 words, as the end of the article. : 不要 怕, 不要 悔, 只要 勇于 承担. (责任 和 风险)

it mean: Do not be afraid, do not be regret, as long as the brave bear responsibility (and risk)



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