The intuitive of yang world -yin yang worlview [2]

The intuitive of yang-world

People who are still alive, as long as his senses intact, will be able to see a variety of picture presentation and “objects”. What can we look together, can produce consensus. As the sun came out, during the day is belong yang . Night, dark belong to Yin. Men was yang, women was yin. However, in the world of yin yang, yin is supposed to have compatible with yang, then the substance can be formed. Is it human, animal, house, any object also has a yin and yang. A man with a woman, we can distinguish immediately from the exterior. But a man does not mean that fully yang. Similarly, a woman is not entirely yin. Regardless of  a man or woman, each has theirs own yin and yang. From small to large even all have yin and yang.

Intuitive of human body

The front side of body where that can be seen, are considered yin. Otherwise rear body or parts that can not be seen directly by the own eye, is classified as yang. Side in a person’s palm is yin. Back palm is Yang. Shook hands, grasping an object should use the inner palms [yin]. Performing the energy must be realized through implimentation of yin side.The side of the feet touching floor is yin, the back foot is yang. Kicking a ball, swing a bike pedal, pushing forward with hands, all movements use the yin side that touches the object to the target.

the upper parts of the body Belonging to yang, lower body parts belonging to yin. The hand can be divided into yin and yang, left hand Yang, right hand is yin. Hands and body; the body is yin. Hands and feet are yang. Hands with feet; hands are yang, feet are yin. Palms and fingers, the palm of the hand is yin, the finger is yang.

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