A Teenage boy saw his friend buy new shoes, he was very envious. He knew that his mother would not buy for him as since toddler, he has not father , he live with mother from child was clearly the constraints of their parents financial , just to pay school fees for his education has been very hard. Think of little hope, he no spirit to go to schoolThen he became moody, reticent, lazy learning. Thinking only how to get that good shoes. 

His mother read his mind and asked, “My child, what problem make you unhappy? why so glum?”

“I really want to have a pair of shoes, kind of like as my friends.” He  whispered talk to his mom.

 “Oh. I see.” His mother did not talk much. just say “my child, please be patient. you’ll get it.”

Now it turn to his mother be gloom ..she take a stroll in the park alone, do not know how.  Went to the side of the road. almost hit by a truck. he was bounced tumbling. A kindly man helped her come to a park bench to sit down.concern asked her what was lost in thought?” 

“I was thinking how to give my son a pair of shoes, I can not afford. Now he is depressed, unwilling to go to school, if I can exchange what I have, even to sacrifice my own body as long as I can buy shoes for him, I willingly do anything.” 

“They are talking a certain period of time, while the boy got info about his mother got injuries, and was rushed to the scene, hear their part of the conversation was very guilty, then stepped forward to apologize to his mother.

The Man who help his mother approached him, took his hand and said: ” yonger brother, please come with me, I would like to talk a few words with you. “

The boy looked at her mother, his mother’s nod. He followed the man. The man with him went not far away and stopped in the side of the road, there is a beggar. After a while he said slowly: “Did you see the old man over there? Him paralyzed, mean that no legs,  shoes no purpose for him , but he still came every day without shoes, living begs for mercy life, however, people do not know? He is an amazing artist and a novelist. “


“Ah?” The boy shocked.

 “Yes, I’ve interviewed him and asked why he was begging. “He replied:” I am not like other beggars begging alms. I beg for inspiration. I looked at their faces and change of expression. I will get inspiration, I also provide inspiration for others.” 

“Giving inspiration to others?”  it does not make sense, the boy think.

“I know what you’re thinking, younger brother, I do not believe it previously too, but when your mother talked your problem and look her Inciden, its let me understand ” 

 ” what you mean, sir?” the boy asked.

‘Your mother was powerless to buy shoes you want, but she really loves you, you know, every parent in the world what they expected Was to see the success of their sons and daughters be useful.  if you do not want to go to school, do not to make progress, just for a pair of shoes, you let her hopes shattered, she will not give up so easily, she is willing to sacrifice anything, including her body in exchange for a pair of shoes, if you really think a pair of shoes you should get is valueable  sufficient to affect your life, as long as you are willing to study hard, she willing to do. “

“what is the relationship with paralyzed man?”

“Grandfather who gave me the hint, I am pleased that I have a complete pair of legs. I can walk freely and easily, without having to work hard and like him crawling. Yet why the integrity of the body organs,young and strong people who want to be depressed?, please tell me, you say, what is the purpose?  are they more suffering than those who lost both legs? 

“Just because a pair of shoes, just because a pair of shoes, my mom almost crash. my future Constructing almost falling …” This teenage boy repeatedly said. “But my legs are still intact and smooth”.”I was really outrageous.” He was embarrassed and did not dare glance the  paralyzed man. immediately ran back to his mother. he promised to actively and diligently studied. 

“Let’s go home, son,” as he expressed his gratitude, to the man who helped his mother earlier and leave home. On the way home, his mother went to a shoe store and said: “son, let’s choose shoes that you like it.”

His son was startled: “Mom, I already aware of my fault and did not want the shoes anymore. Anyway where mothers have that much money? Do mothers go borrow money from other people?  I do not want it.”

“No, son, uncle who helped mother was giving money to me, I did not want, but he said, if you can go to school and succeed later, you able to find a new money back to him.”. mother saw his sincerity  help is unconditional. then mom received. mom are willing to work slowly raise the funds to pay him. the important is you should go back to school. “Said mother.

“Oh, thank you mom” , embraced with his mother, he was moistened by tears. 

Now the new shoes successfully purchased and taken home.

.”Wear it, son, began to wear to school tomorrow, so you have the confidence and let your spirit.” said his mother.

“No mom, this shoe I’ll keep it in the closet.” he replied.

“why, you do not like this shoe again ?” his mother was a little disappointed

“No mom, just the opposite. But I promise I have school and study hard to finish, then I can wear these shoes.” teenage boy said.

“emm,.. All right, I believe you.” his mother said.

Two years later he graduate, the boy won in various fields of activities and gain number one ranking in school. A  large company immediately signed a work contract with him. 

all family happy and celebrate.

 After ompleted the party, at night, his mother gently said to him: “my son, now you’ve managed to finish school, mother very happy, today is the day you wear the shoes. went there remove shoes and wear.”The boy went to open the closet door and pulled out a pair of shoes. that is still very new. put it in both hands and sit still.

” Wear it, my dear,  what’s the matter? ” Asked his mother for a while,

moment he said “Mom, I do not want to wear these shoes again.”

” why, you’ve finished your study with good achievement, as you promise yourself that before.” his mother was shocked again and said. 

“Now I understand, if just a pair of shoes, I now have the ability to buy dozens of pairs, better than these shoes, however, this shoes mean especially to me,it’s not the value of the goods, but a symbol. it would make me always remember paralyzed Father if I see these shoes, even if I was successful, the total is still lost because his success is built on without feet and shoes. I do not wishing to a joke next, said that I need to rely on wearing new shoes to be successful. ” the boy expressed his reason.

“My child, you’ve grow up. mother be glad.  finally live up to the expectations of parents.” The mother said proudly.

“My child, mom would like to ask you, you said” paralysis Father, whether day benefactor take you one? “

“Yes, was him, so why? “

” did he tolk to you about who he is? ” His mother asked seriously.”

” No, Who is he? mom, do you know?” The boy asked.


“Mom,  who is he exactly ?” Then asked the boy.

His mother said not clearly . but finally she said: “He is the parents who help us!”

“Ah! His father?”

“The old man was a great father, he said to his children, if you do not succeed I will continue to beg here. I waiting for you come back that day , not begging again.  he had just gradute from foreign and home a few days but see the Father is still there. Advised him to stop begging. Father said  there is one thing not finishing. after finishing not begging, “can I help you? ” His children asked.

” come here,” Then Father whispered to him a few words.  mom does not know what he said to him. ” His mother tell him about the situation at the time.

The boy seem began understands now what the meaning of giving inspiration to others. 

“I was busy learning, did not go to that place to see, was his dad still there?” He asked concern.

” No, however, there is a statue of him at the place he frequented sat. Did not know who did it. ” 

The boy gently touched his shoes startled.  promised greater wish  again silently. Then carefully put it in the closet.

Three years later, the boy has become a youth, began to develop his own business. To be successful. Become a well-known professional  motivator. 

In a thousand people seminars arrange by himself . He did not use the method used by the general incentive division.  he told His personal story only, to the audience to listen to. He just tells the story of a very ordinary “shoes” story experiencede by himself.

At the end of the story, he said: “When I stand on this stage today, I want to tell you all, ten days ago, my mother was Urgent told me. I thought she was something happens. Rushed to location she said. into a home, which a lot of people. I see my mother burst into tears. I see who benefactor, and there is paralysis father, He looked lying on bed in peace. 

Mother saw me come, said by weeping : “My child, please forgive mother, what mom said in the past  all was truth.  only one thing, Mom forced to hide, is purpose for you free of mental burden. nothing pressure to face from society . countenance in front of you is your father,  that benefactor is the cousin of your father. wen you were a kid, your father occur lesionslr, due to no money for treatment,  feet became paralysis.  for your future, your father reluctantly live apart.   from when no one to take care of him, you know how bad the next life.  but your dad with me has an agreement, before you be adult, we  promised never let you know. the day I really anxious and want to go see him for help was scolded by him. forgive your mom! my son. ” 

“No, Mom, Dad, you right!” I called out. I have been unable to speak, threw myself into father’s body.  crying loudly.

I am sad and touching. Sad because I finally saw my dad, but was away from me. Touched I am proud to have such a great father in my life. Ladies and gentlemen,  what capacity of your parents actually you no need going to care about. No matter how they treat you, you have to understand their position. I will not feel inferior because of my parents is poor. Instead, I was so proud I have such a father willing to sacrifice hisself without referral to return, there are no regrets of my mother raised me. I already have the most valuable meaning of life in the world. Now, I do not need these shoes. Because I have melt it  in the heart with the love of parents. now I am going to do. Is let you share the  inspiration of love.. It is enough to move mountains or fill the sea. I be honest with you, In the world only a parent’s love is pure, innate human nature. Not hypocrites. “

The stage lights gradually faded. Background appear the words: “Please watch your hands and feet. Think about it you also have love. in your heart”

The audience bowed their head with tears in silence


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