Presumption living world and the dead world of civil society is determined based on subjective perceptions that refers to the phenomenon of real and not real. World of “yang” is a real concept, otherwise the world “yin” is life for those who had died or hereafter.

In fact,this understanding was intended to make it easier for people to get to know our world. Because all the wisdom of the people known to have originated from the simple to learn, easy to understand, natural way and the easiest course is familiar with the taste of their own environment respectively through the five senses. So once people grow up, get used to the idea and the concept. Then slowly people grow up, learn to know about themselves and their environment. After much to learn from the experience of life, and gradually adopted the concept for this started to doubt it. arise skeptical. Therefore, people try to figure out the deep part of the spiritual, life exploration, research on physical aspects. But the old concept had already become entrenched perceptions, it is not easy suddenly changed. In addition, academic about yin and yang, there is little literature on the topic discussed in particular. In general it is not clear, or there is no strong theoretical basis.

With a serious attitude and is responsible for academic, I want to tell you. This concept needs to be changed.

I’m not bragging, that academic knowledge of China numerical is the most clear and accurate in the world. Unfortunately, there are problems that arise from misunderstand concepts. so there are some related sciences including the famous art of prediction called four pillars of eight letters (ba-zi), a conceptual misunderstanding, resulting in confusion and chaos in the field of study to date.

The real world we live in, and the world hereafter, is the world of “yin and yang”!

You are reading the above conclusions, each of which is a witness to the determination that I found today [25 April 2013] which was released to the world. If there are materials, articles and prints similar content, the pluck of this concept, both are posted on the web or printed books, should connect the site to the pages of this website or acknowledgment in publications. Unless the content publishing date before today and there is a strong evidence base.

Furthermore, I will step by step explain why

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