Anyone can choose the cradle?

Who, may choose  the condition to live in the world?  

Who could resist death?

Joy and sorrow, met and parted in life, a history of fighting success or failure, or those living with a serene peaceful passing through life, or painting purple rainbow colors live , all of it will pass in the blink of an eye, when the music is finished indicating the party’s over, staring alone to the vast night  sky , surrender and melancholy feel lost something.

But however, people will still have to survive, and survive as much as possible to live more happily. Only a few people will be concerned about “the motives of the creator”.  Even more Caring for fame and fortune in front of eyes, or just care about the side dishes that can meet 3 times a day.

Who can build a fortune, writing success journey stories by relying on confidence  and endeavor by his both-hand and the will of his own, and also can be applied to everyone, everyone also managed to duplicate as him, even with good intentions, full of personal counseling, assisting facilities gladly, and the method can be tested assurance of success. Unfortunately since antiquity  there has not a case yet been discovered. Anyone who has been successful can say whatever the reason may be successful in the world, is only a special way for his own .

Who can use any science or dogma in the world, guarantees a person achieve success in life?


Who, being able to restore historical justice for errors, Wash reputation for victims who received erroneous verdict decisions?

Who, being able to make the balance of justice always balanced? continue to shine the light of justice to preserve the world.

Who, being able to manipulate time, was able to turn back time, so that old wounds can be repaired, make amends for past stupidity dilemma, let the warmth of the past can come back lets enjoy again, then rewrite the history.

Who is able to make a living is always peaceful, healthy, and work without fear, wealthy and happy.

Who is able to maintain his life as beautiful as the full moon that occurs only once a year in half-pass august?

Stop interpret death, only change can be continue. Who is able to change this law?

Thus human life is helplessness in such a way of survival in a series of struggles and strife. In smooth containing unseen disaster risk and in trouble or suffering containing a sweet joy. Luck and adversity alternated. But people are still not satisfied and say: “why the neighbor’s grass is greener than mine? Why hard to be a good man? Why good intentions do not get a good response? Why do people have to accept the notfeasible condition just because they expect something? Why willing to bend knees just for three liters of rice? There are still many non release, disability, imperfect in life that need to surrender,  though there is a lot more want in life., When frustrated, anger, swallow sounds / babbling, when victorious, point downward eyebrows and exhale air with a loud voice, dare yell and berate.


Life is continues in motion a matter of drag-wasting breath. Every second every tiny cell proceeds in a metaphor of life and death. From birth to death, from death back to life again. successive long-lasting. Who knows how it ends? From the micro to the macro, who knows this change? Religion says, god almighty, people seems to survive solely have to live according to the will of God. combining all the social injustic, lack of human never satisfied heart with the question, thrown entirely into one package called “Dunno”.

Apparently humans ancestors are seem more intelligent, long before been speculated to see the vicious cycle of various phenomena, such as formation puzzels game design, is presented for the layman to spend time in the future. let people guess, conjecture alone. design and create the answer according to the feelings and the ratio of each people himself cognizing to the world, anybody can sell course one wants to buy. one likes hitting, could arise one is willing beaten. namaly “Transaction” .


In today’s world, how many people can be able to see through? while already know that wine can make people drunk, it deliberately took a sip. seemed to be no other choice, only to let him participate drift along with the ‘do not know”. Actually wine did not make people drunk, people have drunk himself before drinking. rūpa not mislead people but people who plunges themselves into it. In fact, anything that can get people interested, most people also favored it. then who can consider himself holy to live alone to avoid worldly noise?

Ethical reasoning is simple and easy to understand but esoteric. Philosophy is not easy to understand and complex but magical, Who is able to obtain personal enlightenment and change the world? 

However the person who said “The world is drunk  just myself clear and sober” can be counted on the fingers. if any, in mortal world will be ridiculed by the majority: “everyone is sober and normal, only you were drunk and crazy”. so despite knowing, still have to Pretend drunk. the world is like that.

People tend on things they like, most like to hear a beautiful lie. People who Tend to things they dont’t liked, hated to hear the honest and sincere expression. then who was bear to tear out duplicity? proverb says: “Drugs are bad taste in the mouth but bitter for treatment”. “advice disagree in Ear, but good for acting”. But who could realize instantly just by hearing a sentence.

Since ancient times, only time will change the world,  the  universe truth did not follow the works written by human illusions. which prevailing in the past, may not be suitable for today, also not necessarily suitable for the future. 

God sent a message:” I don’t think all people can be so tricky. Truly, heaven there is a way you not go, hell no door but intend to find”

layman replied: “boss, If  you can open your personal gold mouth from beginning to lift talk, then people will not be mutual suspicion, resentment and even kill each other until now.”

To survive must “move”, once moving a step will inevitably lead to good or bad effects.When a man is acting in a stage of life, the body gets out of control by himself. up and down follow the flow.  the variable of Ba-zi five element says that “treasure” can be lifted high “dignity or position”.so do not be surprised when people struggled power backing of his money,  while the “mind” is the product of a master, like the cleverness of learning outcomes, capable of generating wealth, but when too much products, are no longer interested in the position for job or title. Author, educator, or those engaged in the professions related to ” thinking “, is not concerned with position or power. want to live free. but who knows, all of this is also part of the helplessness in realized life, though on the other hand is realize, (so says this is his choice).

Understand the dynamics balance of the book “YI” [ the book of change ] and see clear the requirements of yin-yang five elements, it’s mean see the secret of sky. understand the authenticity of this world, then understand how to respond to nature.

kata bijak

No one is able to change nature. we can only change ourself. Is the road ahead is straight and wide? If the mountain does not want to move ahead, the street should be changed. if the streets could not move, then people himself should be turn. Have you already turned? Are you sure already turning? Is it not a wrong turn? If not, why still like the original?

Please tell me, who can ..





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