Notion of civil society against worldly life and after death is: As long as people are still alive means being among the world “yang”, after death the space is between yin.

Indeed, everything that can survive, which is necessary to meet the minimum requirements of the yin and yang blend. a creature can be born alive and growing, not separated from the main role that “yangserves in the yin [body], then the figure to be able to realize a form that can move normally.Yin is the body (flesh), which consists of a combination of various components of the material. while “yang is a gas that is formed from ultra micro material desires or divine, living world is the meeting point between both the yin and yang elements. A meeting between yin and yang is a stage of human life. When the body is damaged do not qualify anymore, because the yangis not getting proper body to settle down then it will leave the body which is not valid anymore and walked away. separation of yinyang that resulted in broken bond and that person no longer alive. So disappeared from the stage of life.

After death, [Yin] physical body began to decompose, the group cells of body decomposed naturally, divided into light and heavy elements. lighter apart and spread like gas rose into the sky. Heavier material [yin] back to earth, Buddha said: karma polymerization [meet / join] form fenomna “exist”, karma split ending [discrete] back into a vacuum.

The limited life of someone in worldly by secular view was called “yang” world (space), while the period after the death of the unknown called the “yin” world (space), it is referring to the concept of subjective establishment of [living side] in determining image of life and dead. not understanding in the science of yin-yang for a person naturally. This understanding easily invite fallacy the notion that the world as if it were a creature living was fully “yang“, while hereafter be fully of “yin“.

Actually, a person’s life in the world rather say is a successful blend of a combination of two elements between Yangand Yin bonded on the individual . while the next world is yin, which is separated from of its and each  run freely without bond. So when “yang” apart of the body’s yin, then along with it also signifies a person’s life in the world has ended.

When yin and yang are both ineligible to coalesce into “living beings”, then there will be no bond that gave rise to the action.

Although someone has died, but while the body of a person who died was buried, the group of cells gradually decomposes, light elements [the gas] up into the sky, while the heavier material will fall down to the ground . from material embedded into the soil, remaining small part that still has “signs” or DNA from the deceased, the deceased genetic factors are buried in the ground, and then received the environmental impact of air from the surrounding atmosphere and the land itself, to be alive like a seed begins to grow. something that grows without a container, only the “yang” air. This vitality has certain harmonic frequencies can then resonate with the surviving descendants of the deceased up to two generational lines. borrow the terminology of wireless telecommunication engineering is the effect of the remote control. good or bad of Feng shui funeral place will affect up and down, the success or failure of his descendants.

However, because this effect is derived from the role of “Yin” is born into  “yang” air. Function to the lives of his children and grandchildren indirectly. very little effect on the deceased himself. Such embryos are born from the dead in the earth, the difference is that it does not have a container born, only in the form of air that has a vibration. Similar world of academic Feng Shui  in Chinese astrology. is known as the “yin (cemetery) Feng Shui. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been lost and concealed from time to time, [which is circulating in the market is a lot more than just lying to passengers for food ]


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