Direct descendant of Yin-Yang and the branch

The life cycle of a human being is a yin-yang coherent. That is the world of Yin and Yang. abbreviated as “world”. world where people are still alive and able to perform the activity.

Before a person can be born in the world, thanks to sperm (yang) from male parent who serves on the ovary (yin) of  women, the combination of a merger between yang  with the yin [ovaries] produce a “live”, the embryo  develops in the mother’s in stomach, after nine months of growth in the mother’s womb, eventually the new born to the world. Before the birth of the baby. for parents, children are crystals of the new life cycle of both parents  respectively.

The birth of a new child is a life cycle beyond the existing life cycle. Such as the company opened a branch office. Outside the parent company, the branch has its own life cycle. That baby has a “life cycle” of new own. Because children are the branches, then start from the starting point and split, will produce a lot of branches, and branches that will produce more branches again. like twigs in a group, and each individual in its twig itself has its own cycle, a cycle of birth, grow, old and died.

Although every natural cycle there is only one yang and one yin, like in one day there are  day and night. In a year are spring and autumn, but each cycle to the next cycle is coherent. A continued cycle ends and a new cycle appears. today Cycle is a continuation of yesterday cycle, cycle of this year is a continuation of the cycle last year. Such cycles have a direct ancestry connectivity.

From the side, human development is not a direct descendant of the cycle. Every living creature lives only in one cycle of yin-yang, life is over. If men and women were married and gave birth to a child. then the child is independent of the cycle of their parents ..My child was born is an extension of the development of my body, not the continuation of my life [lives] . therefore, he will inherit genetically from parents, but did not inherit the “content of their lives” of the parents. because it is the genetic system of the “yin“. [are material Section]

Tao said: “Tao” was born one, one born two, two were born three, three-born variety of life.

If one is the sun, the two are earth, one gave to two birth, may imply solar energy radiating to the earth, resource gives the earth every needs, so that the earth can get warmth and provide a suitable space for all living beings on it. ranging from plants, animals to humans. Two gave birth to three. earth like a  mother who gave birth to the child. while living on the earth like a child, with the status of the three.

One gave birth to two, two gave birth to three. is a direct descendant pattern.Ranging from three, that all creatures on earth, from the first, to the millions of other species, is grown horizontally or branched. Such offspring Pattern is no longer as a  direct descendant. Branching descent but there is only one cycle.One gave birth to two, two gave birth to three, is a descendant of the vertical direction, do not have intercourse. Starting from the three, because there is “yin and yang” in the same (capacity) position. (There are male and female in the same level), then all the breeding going through the process of copulation [horizontal]Because the status of the three are branched descendants / horizontal, not a straight line,  “world” of human life is thus also formed in accordance with the pattern, yin-yang cycle only one period for each person. people also began to accept all its consequences as a living creature. bring all the limitations and advantages of other beings, life, death, birth, and continues to be continued to the next without being noticed when it ends.

Direct descendants can be sustained, as the parents give love to their children, no strings attached. like the sun shining on all life on earth. “Love” without asking for a reply, the process will be lasting. “Love” that are horizontal, such as “love” between the two lovebirds. (there is wants, need,  contain the “ego”, there is a requirement.) Will not be lasting.

where are  our life cycle after death? read on to the next article

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