Establishment of basic requirements of life, requires twice copulation process. . . . . . . . . .

The bodies of human pre-born, starting from the sperm [core] met with mother’s ovarian, is the beginning of the yin world.Development of the fetus in utero according to the father’s role of “seed” [yang] with biological factors and processes determines the future physical development of the fetus after he was born.

After the baby is born, the baby’s body [yin] combine with the yang qi on freely air. As the second process received “seed”. After the body [yin] received injections of the yang qi . It just was rise alive and be survive . until the baby grow. Otherwise, the new baby came out from the belly of the mother would be die. “Marriage” in this step just the beginning of the real journey of one’s life in the world. Therefore, the body which is prepared by parents who are independent was need to unite with the yang-qi on freeair .. This composite can then be said that “I” was born in the world. Ie, I (yang) riding the body (yin) so it can be tangible and visible in the world. In the sense of a certain understanding, called ” reincarnation “.


Based on this understanding, the human existence is derived from yang which serves the yin. Then life in the world of yin-yang. Furthermore, people grow up and get married after, repeat the process such as marriage of his/her parents, was breed for another life.

Every birth of any one life, at first through intercourse between men and women, as the first marriage in the yin world, (forming material sector). Then a new unification in the yang world. (Sector divine) is the yang-qi  that enters the yin body, or say marriage in the yang world.

In general, people only know the process of intercourse between men and women which is a combination of physical processes to form a “life”, gain knowledge of the soul with point of view from the physic perspective through observation of the material. But do not know there is still the “no” side of the world in which marriage can not be seen with the naked eye. 

In the yin world, marriage is a man who injected the sperm into a woman’s ovaries. In the yang world of marriage, is when a new baby is born, Injecting concentrate of yang-qi in free space that reacts to the baby. ( Baby reacts by screaming and crying ).When a baby is born into the world, yin body absorbing concentrate of yang-qi, organ start function throughout the body into action, yang concentrate represents the condition and layout of the space and time at that moment. these various atribute factors reference [year, month, day, hour,place etc.] started from this moment etched and attached  into the yin body , a set development formula for one’s life journey in the future. correctly called astronomical code of destiny and fate. So far It’s became a basic guideline / blueprint of human life. ( Ba-zi)

Furthermore, the body start swell , such as the process of installing a computer program, currently running the set-up process. life-code of destiny and fate much like a computer software of life program, it like miniature destiny image. Then follow the destiny of human life cycle, respectively, collaborating with the terms and conditions that appear according to space and time shift, play a variety of performances and a wide range of people’s lives.

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